James Hale

Contact Information

Email: jwhale@rams.colostate.edu

Office: A014 Clark

Role: Adjunct

Position: Instructor, Graduate Research Assistant, PhD student

  • Environmental Sociology
  • Sociology of Food and Agriculture
  • Community Sociology
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Theory

Department: Sociology


James Hale is sociology PhD student at Colorado State University and Fellow at the Center for Collaborative Conservation. His interests revolve around connections between people and the environment, food, and agriculture, and the practices and values groups use to understand and improve such relationships. He is inspired by work that is oriented toward more egalitarian forms of social, economic, and political justice. Many of these interests are rooted in his experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi. Before returning to school, he was a team member on a number of community food studies at the Colorado School of Public Health and co-founded two urban agriculture organizations in Denver, Co.



Curriculum Vitae

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