Associate Professor Jennifer Cross is awarded service-learning mini-grant

Monies from this award will support community-based participatory research conducted with and for Douglas County School District (DCSD) on behavioral engagement strategies for energy conservation in schools. Working with Energy Manager, Lee Smit, students in Soc 462 (Applied Social Change) will be conducting case studies of 6 schools in DCSD that have achieved varying levels of energy conservation through behavioral engagement. Douglas County School District has developed a highly successful behavioral engagement program for schools, but not all schools are implementing it at the same level. The goals of the community-based research project are:

1) for students to learn first-hand about strategies used to create behavior change,

2) to assist DCSD improve their behavior change strategies by documenting differences in implementation, and

3) to develop a PowerPoint presentation on components of successful behavioral engagement strategies for energy conservation in schools (to be disseminated of through USGBC Center for Green Schools).

Colorado State University