Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab appoints Tara Opsal as CARAN fellow

The Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab team invited Tara Opsal to join the Colorado Applied Research and Action Network (CARAN). As a CARAN fellow, she will be among a select group of outstanding researchers who are committed to improving the lives of Colorado residents. CARAN fellows will serve an important role in asking and answering policy-relevant questions aligned with the Governor’s priorities.

Opsal will be partnering with the Colorado Lab to demonstrate the value of a formalized research network. Especially during this first year, Colorado Lab will be looking to members like Opsal to help them shape CARAN so that it is meaningful and mutualistic.

Her  appointment as a CARAN fellow positions Opsal to develop new and strengthen existing partnerships with government agencies. CARAN fellows will also be first in line for funding opportunities identified by government partners and the Colorado Lab. As a CARAN fellow, Opsal will have access to Colorado Lab resources such as secure data server, which meets or exceeds federal and state laws related to data privacy and security for restricted use data. She will also be eligible to participate in select professional development opportunities related to the goals of CARAN.

– from Opsal’s official letter of appointment

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