Dr. Lori Peek (Sociology) co-authors new book, w/Dr. Fothergill, Children of Katrina

Lori Peek, an associate professor in Sociology at Colorado State University, and Alice Fothergill, a sociologist at the University of Vermont, have just published a new book with the University of Texas Press. Children of Katrina offers one of the only long-term, multiyear studies of young people following disaster. Fothergill and Peek spent seven years after Hurricane Katrina interviewing and observing several hundred children and their family members, friends, neighbors, teachers, and other caregivers. In their book, they focus intimately on seven children between the ages of three and eighteen, selected because they exemplify the varied experiences of the larger group. In the book, they explain what facilitated or hindered children’s recovery after the nation’s worst natural disaster.


Colorado State University