KuoRay Mao, Lou Swanson, and Pete Taylor presented virtually at the 2020 International Forum on the Theory & Practices of Poverty Alleviation and Ecological Revitalization in the Yellow River Basin. The forum was held November, 7, 2020, in Shandong, China, and organized by Beijing Forestry University, Institute of Ecological Civilization, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), and Shandong Academy of Social Sciences and co-organized by the Institute for Eco-civilization of Beijing Forestry University (BJFU) and the Institute for Ecological Protection and High Quality Development of Yellow River Basin Research, BJFU.

Dr. Swanson welcomed attendees and applauded them for gathering near one of the world’s greatest rivers – Yellow River. As Emeritus Vice President of Engagement at CSU, he spoke briefly on the importance of research projects being transdisciplinary and ensuring direct positive impacts on the lives of rural people and sustainable ecosystems.

Dr. Mao presented “Toward a socio-political approach to water management: successes and limitations of IWRM programs in northern China.”

Dr. Taylor presented “Water Conservation Challenges and Opportunities on the U.S. Colorado River” during the Seminar on Poverty Alleviation and Ecological Revitalization in the Yellow River Basin.

Participation in this forum is part of a continuing effort established within the last several years by the CSU Vice President for Engagement Office to build institutional ties between CSU and Chinese universities and government agencies around sharing of the U.S. experience of outreach and engagement in extension.