Pat Hastings’ proposal wins CLA Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award

Dr. Pat Hastings has been awarded an Ann Gill Faculty Development Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Activity in the College of Liberal Arts.

His winning proposal is Rethinking Consumption Inequality: Investigating Differences by Types of Consumption and Consumers. In his proposal, Dr. Hastings describes how he will investigate what has happened to consumption inequality during the same timespan that income inequality has risen in the United States. In particular, he will focus on how trends in consumption inequality may vary across different types of consumption and between different groups of consumers. His work contributes to fundamental and policy-relevant questions about the relations between income inequality and consumption inequality, and more broadly, their consequences for American life.

This award supports summer of 2019 work and is made possible by the donor members of CLA’s Great Conversations series. Read more here.

“We deeply appreciate the excellence you bring to the College of Liberal Arts and Colorado State University, and it is a pleasure to be able to support your research agenda in this way.” – Dean Withers