Ph.D. student Azmal Hossan has been invited to attend two prestigious summer schools at renowned European universities.

Global Environment Summer Academy 2020 is jointly organized by the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, and the Global Diversity Foundation. The Academy was to be held at the University of Oxford in the UK this fall. It has been rescheduled for August 20–September 7, 2021. GESA 2020 is designed to broaden and deepen the resilience, knowledge, networking and communication skills of emerging changemakers who are actively seeking solutions to some of the most pressing ecological and social issues of our time. Since 2011, GESA has welcomed 118 emerging environmental and social changemakers invited from 58 countries.

Gender, Disaster and Climate Risk Summer School 2020 is organized by the Division of Risk Management and Societal Safety at Lund University in Sweden. It was scheduled for May 2020 and has been postponed until August. The international summer school is held in collaboration with the Centre for Gender and Disaster, Institute for Risk and Disaster Recovery (IRDR), University College London (UCL), to address gender and disaster issues. It provides a platform to create a strong pedagogical base that is action oriented towards capacity enhancement and gendersecure environments.