Sociology’s Dr. Laura Raynolds Awarded Top Honor by College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Laura Raynolds was awarded the 2017–2018 John N. Stern Distinguished Professor Award in the College of Liberal Arts.

As Dean Withers wrote to Laura in his award letter, “the award recognizes a career of outstanding achievement in research/creativity, teaching and service that has brought recognition….to the Department, College, and University.” Laura will be recognized publicly for this award at the CLA Faculty/Staff Meeting and Celebration in the spring.


Professor Laura Raynolds is the world’s foremost scholar on Fair Trade and one of the most prominent scholars of alternative agro-food networks more broadly.

She brought to this new field her strong analytical vision, recognition of key researchable questions, and strong qualitative and quantitative research skills. Professor Raynolds’ scholarly work has earned her widespread international recognition which enhances the reputation of the department and the university.


Professor Raynolds is sought after as an advisor and mentor because of her reputation in the field, her passion for the subject, and her dedication to her students. 


Raynolds has a very strong international presence built over the years not only by her scholarly publications but by her successful efforts to bring her academic findings to the attention of broader publics.

As colleagues, we benefit every day from her dedication and passion for her work, as a department our reputation is continually enhanced by her work.

“Professor Raynolds is an exemplary scholar, mentor, and departmental leader.”  

– excerpts from nomination form

Colorado State University