PhD Student/Instructor


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  • Position:

    • PhD Student/Instructor
  • Department:

    • Sociology
  • Education:

    • MA, Sociology, Colorado State University
    • M.Div., Pacific School of Religion
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Lahoma has been teaching sociology courses for CSU since 2012, originally on campus, now online. She currently lives in Georgia, with her husband and two dogs. She has a passion for social justice work, particularly disability justice issues. As a person with a disability herself, she understands many of the struggles that students with disabilities have to overcome to succeed in University and has committed herself to ensuring that every student gets the help they need in her classes. Lahoma also works as a hospital chaplain at Augusta University Medical Center in the Central Savannah River Area  and is a member of the United Church of Christ Disability Ministries Board of Directors. Lahoma received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in sociology from Colorado State University, is currently "All But Dissertation" for her Ph.D in sociology at Colorado State University, and has a Master's of Divinity from Pacific School of Religion, at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley California.


  • SOC311 – Methods of Social Inquiry


    Upper division sociological research methods.

  • SOC105 Social Problems

  • SOC311 – CSU Online PLUS