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Internship Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours do I need to do for the internship?

150 hours of work with the organization are required.
This is an average of 10 hours/week, but you can also schedule your hours in whatever manner works best for you and the community organization as long as your final total is 150 hours.

Do I have to take SOC492 (Seminar) along with my internship?

Yes, you are required to take SOC492 alongside your internship (SOC487).

How can I find an internship?

See the List of Previous Internships for a partial list of possibilities. Also, visit the College of Liberal Arts Internship Opportunities page.

How do I register for the course? Where do I get the registration code?

After you have filled out your Internship Contract and the Registration Form, and received department approval and signatures; return signed forms to the main Sociology Office, C258 Clark and you will receive the necessary code to register via e-mail, usually later the same day.

How many credits will I get?

Three credits for the internship (SOC487)
One credit for the course (SOC492)
Total=4 credits

How do I approach an organization about interning for them?

Call ahead to an organization you would like to intern with, before stopping by in person (dressed nicely, as if you were picking up a job application). Explain that you are a CSU student looking to intern with the organization and be ready to fill out an application or go through a background check for some internships. Also be sure to ask what sort of duties you will have within the organization – and make sure they fit with what you are looking to do!

When do I have to have my internship set up?

You must have your forms completed and turned in (and your internship set up) by the final day of registration.

Am I responsible for locating and securing my own internship?

Yes. The sociology department does not place students in internships.

When can I start working at my internship? Can I start before the semester I am registered for?

Yes! You can begin your internship before the semester you are registered for, if you wish to get a “jump start” on your hours.

When do I have to have my hours completed by?

You must have all 150 hours completed by the end of the semester for which you are registered.

What will happen if my hours are not completed by the end of the semester?

You will receive an “I” (Incomplete) in SOC 487 until you complete your hours.

Can I do an internship outside of Fort Collins?


Can I get paid for my internship?

Yes, if you can find a paid internship.

Can I still do an internship if I am taking one or more prerequisite courses in the same semester I am registering for SOC 487 and SOC 492?

Yes. When your internship is approved, an override of all prerequisites will be issued.

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