Michael Carolan

Contact Information

Phone: 970.491.5797

Email: mcarolan@colostate.edu

Website: http://www.michaelcarolan.com/

Office: B261 Clark

Role: Faculty

Position: Professor


Dr. Carolan is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology. He has published over 100 peer review articles and chapters. His areas of expertise include environmental and agricultural law and policy, environmental sociology, the sociology of food systems and agriculture, and the sociology of technology and scientific knowledge. He also dabbles in social theory. He recently published the following books: A Sociological Look at Biofuels: Understanding the Past/Prospects for the Future (2010); Decentering Biotechnology: Assemblages Built and Assemblages Masked (2010); Embodied Food Politics (2011); The Real Cost of Cheap Food (2011); The Sociology of Food and Agriculture (2012); Society and the Environment: Pragmatic Solutions to Ecological Issues (2013); Reclaiming Food Security (2013); Cheaponomics: The High Cost of Low Prices (2014); Food Utopias: Reimagining Citizenship, Ethics and Community (2015 with Paul Stock and Chris Rosin); and Biological Economies: Experimentation and the Politics of Agrifood Frontiers(2016; with Richard LeHeron, Hugh Campbell, and Nick Lewis). Dr. Carolan is also Co-Editor for the Journal of Rural Studies (Impact Factor of 2.444).


PhD, Iowa State University

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