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A Foot In The Door

A Sociology internship gives you real-life experience as you apply your studies to an area of your choice. Expand your interests and discover new ones as you create a network and gain an edge for your future job search.

You may do internships anytime throughout your college career. As your senior capstone, you may do a 150-hour internship (SOC487) for 3 credits and take the internship seminar (SOC492) for 1 credit. Prerequisites for the the senior capstone are SOC210, SOC301 or SOC302, SOC311, and SOC314 or SOC315.

Our Internship Handbook contains all the information needed to find an internship and get registered, or even create an internship and work with the Deaprtment of Sociology.

Looking for an Internship? Follow These Steps:

    1. It is your responsibility to set up your internship; the Department of Sociology does not arrange or facilitate placement.
    2. We recommend reaching out to your personal networks as a resource as well as researching organizations where you are interested in interning. For ideas on suitable organizations, scroll down this page for past Sociology internship providers. Many are local — Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, or Denver and other surrounding areas. However, Sociology students have also completed internships across the United States and in foreign countries. Visit Handshake (formerly CareerRAM) through CSU’s Career Center for current openings. At times organizations contact the Department of Sociology directly, and we list the openings here.
    3. Contact organizations directly to find out what opportunities are available. If an organization is listed below, it means they have worked with our students in the past, but there is no guarantee they have current openings. Internships choices are endless – feel free to contact organizations beyond those listed below.
    4. Start early and pursue multiple possibilities to ensure the best fit possible. Please note that internships in the criminal justice field usually require a background check which may take several weeks.
    5. Be sure the internship aligns with your academic field of study and your career goals, and that it will allow you to work at least 150 hours.

SOC487 and SOC492 Credits

  1.  Complete SOC210, SOC301 or SOC302, SOC311, and SOC314 or SOC315.
  2. Two initial forms are required for SOC487 and SOC492 credits. Get the forms from the Sociology main office in Clark B258 or download them here: Acceptance Contract for Internship Placement (which must be signed by your internship provider) and the Internship Registration Form. Return both forms to the Sociology Main Office in Clark B258, or email to our Internship Coordinator.
  3. Once approved, you will be allowed to register for SOC487 and SOC492. SOC487 provides the 3 academic credits for your 150 hours of internship work. SOC492 is the accompanying seminar and provides 1 academic credit. Register for both for a total of 4 credits. We prefer that you register for both SOC487 and SOC492 during the same academic semester. However, you may request a different arrangement with the Internship Coordinator. Please indicate this on your Registration Form by indicating the preferred semester and year for each course.
  4. Begin your 150 hours at your internship and attend the seminar.
  5. To receive a grade for your internship hours, have your supervisor fill out and return the Internship Evaluation Form. Get it from our main office or download it hereWhen signing the initial contract, the agency agrees to complete CSU’s Evaluation Form. It is the student’s responsibility to take to the Evaluation Form to the supervisor and to ensure that the proper directions for submitting the evaluation are available to the supervisor. The Evaluation Form or letter of recommendation is to be submitted to the Sociology Internship Coordinator, or to the Sociology Main Office in Clark B258.
  6. Your supervisor can also provide a letter of recommendation.

If you have already completed 150 hours at an internship and want to apply it retroactively to our internship program, fill out and turn in the Internship Registration Form, and contact our Internship Coordinator for the  Retroactive Internship Form. Have your supervisor follow the directions on the form.


Please contact the Sociology Internship Coordinator

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Offering an Internship?

Providers please review the forms above in the SOC 487 and SOC 492 Credits area. Please submit an internship via Handshake (formerly CareerRAM) through CSU’s Career Center.