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Sociology Internship Information

The Sociology internship serves to expose you to real world experiences that allow you to apply your major in a field of your choice. An internship provides out-of-the-classroom experience and provides an edge for you during your job search after graduation. The internship (SOC487) is worth three credits while the Internship Seminar (SOC492) is worth one credit. Through the seminar and the internship experience you have an opportunity to review your major while beginning the transition to the work force.


  1. Senior Standing
  2. Prerequisites: SOC210, SOC311, SOC313 and SOC301 or SOC302


Internship Process

  1. Contact agencies where you are interested in interning.* For ideas on the range of possible internships: List of Previous Internships | More Internship Opportunities. Note:The Sociology Department does not facilitate the placement of interns. Internships are self-initiated, and are not limited to the choices linked above. You may intern for any organization related to sociology or criminal justice.
  2. Get Internship forms from the Sociology Office, B258 Clark, or download here: Internship Registration Form| Internship Contract
  3. Get your Internship Contract completed and bring the completed Internship Contract and Internship Registration Form to the Sociology Office, Clark B258. Once approved, you will be allowed to register for SOC487 and SOC492 (this process will override any missing prerequisites)
  4. Begin your 150 hours at your internship (SOC487) and attend the seminar (SOC492).

*If you have any questions or are unsure if your internship will qualify, please contact Lahoma Howard, Internship Coordinator in Clark B271 or at Lahoma.Howard@colostate.edu

Internship Evaluation

For students who are currently doing an internship with SOC487, please use this evaluation form that will need to be given to your supervisor and returned to the Sociology department for a grade. Instructions for the evaluation are on the form.

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