Solid Yet Flexible

The Student Experience

We want to help you make the most of your college experience. We will encourage you to pursue your initial interests, yet stay open to discovering new ones. Sociology faculty are highly accessible to undergraduate students, deeply committed to teaching and welcome your participation in research projects. We can help you tap into our alumni network, community resources and internship possibilities. CSU’s commitment to our students’ success includes professors closely monitoring and supporting new students’ performance during the first few weeks of college, department-based Academic Success Coordinators to help keep you on track for graduation, scholarship opportunities and much more.

The Sociology program is structured to ensure a solid foundation in the discipline while providing significant flexibility in your field of study. After fulfilling all university, college and major requirements, you still have over 30 elective credit hours. You may use these elective credits to obtain a second major, a minor or an interdisciplinary studies certificate. Our Sociology degree's flexibility allows you to become competent in one, two or more areas and still graduate on time.

Ensuring Your Academic Success

Your Academic Success Coordinator meets with you at Orientation as well as prior to registration for each subsequent semester. They help you understand and develop your degree plan, advocate for you and help connect you with resources across campus and with activities related to your major. Their official titles are Academic Success Coordinators for a reason!

In-person and Online Courses

All of Sociology's courses are offered in-person, and many are also offered online. Additionally, our General Sociology concentration is available both on campus or through CSU Online.

Full Catalog of Sociology Courses

Please note offerings change each semester. 

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