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Are you curious  about society and open to new ideas and skills?

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The Study Of Social Life

Sociology focuses on the interaction between human groups and societal institutions from social relationships within family units in preindustrial cultures to those within large, bureaucratic institutions in major industrialized nations. Sociology represents one of CSU’s most popular majors. Sociology faculty members’ high quality, committed teaching regularly receives recognition and awards across the College of Liberal Arts and the University. Our undergraduate program offers solid training in social theory and research methods. Our high impact teaching practices include a popular internship, a criminology study abroad program in Prague and more.

B.A. in Sociology

General Sociology
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Environmental Sociology


Minor in Sociology

General Sociology
Criminology/Criminal Justice

We offer three concentrations, General Sociology, Criminology and Criminal Justice and Environmental Sociology. Each provides you with core Sociology theory and research methods as well as an opportunity to specialize. Choose the areas that interest you, then select complementing courses and projects that result in unique, diverse training.

General Sociology

Broad training in sociology’s major sub-areas including social problems, racial & ethnic relations, inequality, gender, community, health & medicine and others.

Criminology and Criminal Justice

A focus on criminology, policing, law and corrections and other courses related to sociological study of the justice system, its organization and its outcomes.

Environmental Sociology

A focus on the relationship between human society and environment / natural resources, including courses on global change, population, environmental justice and governance.

What We Offer Students

Opportunities For:

Gain Real-World Skills Employers Look For:

  • Core sociological training with practical specialized concentrations
  • Rigorous theory, methods and analytical preparation along with hands-on experience
  • Our faculty’s strong commitment to combining teaching & cutting-edge research
  • A broad foundation for analyzing social and individual dynamics in order to understand and help solve complex contemporary social problems
  • Rigorous analytical and research skills to get started in that first job and to keep up with changes across the career
  • Proficiency in research, writing and presenting that lead to action
  • Creative problem solving and analytical thinking that builds on understanding the “what, how and why” of complex problems
  • Ability to work effectively alongside multiple perspectives on teams that bridge disciplines

Undergraduate Student Stories

Zack Golditch: So much more than a football player

Golditch is a relentless volunteer. Whenever a community outreach opportunity arises, he’s the first to raise his hand. When no one else raises a hand, he cancels his plans and goes. That’s how much he loves getting out and m­­eeting people – especially kids.

“The reaction I get when I volunteer, the impact it makes, it’s priceless,” he said. “I know that sounds cliché, but it’s the truth. It goes back to just giving time. If I’m sitting on the couch and I get a call about doing some volunteer work, of course I’m going to do it. Why wouldn’t I? It’s just another chance to have a positive impact on someone’s life. That just makes me happy.”


Allyson Hannah, College of Liberal Arts

Growing up, Allyson Hannah always tried to hide the compression garment she wears on her left leg.

On March 6, 2015 – Lymphedema Awareness Day – the Colorado State environmental sociology major decided to stop hiding the tan sleeve that controls the swelling caused by her condition. She put on a dress and went to the Oval to pose for a photo to inspire others to embrace what makes them different. She now considers herself an activist in the lymphedema and disability community, telling her story with a video on YouTube that has gone far and wide. 


Deanna Main: Mind your health

Deanna manages a full course load in Health and Exercise Science and Criminology along with an aquatics manager position at the CSU Rec Center. To top it off, she spends her free time dreaming up group outings as a lead program coordinator for Daniels Scholars at CSU.


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