Undergraduate Accomplishments

Recognizing Success

The Department of Sociology recognizes outstanding undergraduates for their important contributions within and beyond the field of Sociology. Annual scholarship and award recipients are chosen based on their academic achievements, university and community involvements, and quality of their written applications. We are pleased to honor the significant accomplishments of our undergraduates!

The Harvesting Opportunity and Potential in Education (HOPE) Scholarship

Blends Faustine and Ted Settle’s love of learning with their commitment to helping those in need.

2019 Recipient: Brooke Hernandez

Brooke is double-majoring in Criminology and Criminal Justice - Sociology and Psychology, with a minor in Spanish - Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

The Dr. Ronny E. Turner Memorial Scholarship

Honors the memory of this award-winning professor and is made possible by gifts from colleagues and former students.

2019 Recipient: Miyuki Gardner

Miyuki is a freshman majoring in Criminology and Criminal Justice - Sociology, with minors in Japanese - Languages, Literatures & Cultures and Interdisciplinary Legal Studies - CLA.

2019 Recipient: Scarlett White

Scarlett is a junior majoring in Environmental Sociology.

The Sociology Alumni

Funded by Department of Sociology alumni and friends, faculty and staff.

2019 Recipients: Kellie Alexander and Azmal Hossan, Ph.D. students 

2017 Recipient: Kacie Couch is a first-generation Sociology major (Environmental concentration) with a double-minor in Business Administration and Global Environmental Sustainability. Kacie studied Law for Sustainability at Harvard Summer School and plans to pursue a dual JD/PhD in Environmental Law to better understand and influence our system of international environmental justice.