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Sociology at CSU offers a rigorous graduate experience made possible by our being part of a large, public land-grant university in which faculty are accomplished nationally- and internationally-known researchers as well as committed teachers and advisors. Here we celebrate all three aspects of teaching, community engagement and research, and we blend them all in what we do. This allows for graduate research opportunities and skillset development that are very transferable into the marketplace.

Recent Graduate Research & Outreach

Becca Chalit-Hernandez wins AFHVS Graduate Student Research Paper Award

By Sociology Communications | April 14, 2021

Ph.D. student Becca Chalit-Hernandez has been awarded the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society (AFHVS) Graduate Student Research Paper Award for her paper, “Hunger Strikes and Differential Consciousness: Impure Contestation, Hunger, and the Building of Symbolic Futures.” AFHVS is a leading interdisciplinary food studies association. The committee for Becca’s prestigious award wrote, “This paper is […]

Azmal Hossan and Emilia Ravetta accepted for CSU Summer Extension Internship Program

By Sociology Communications | April 10, 2021

Two Sociology Ph.D. students have been accepted into the CSU Summer Extension Internship Program. The award for each internship is $4000 for ten weeks. Interns each make a final Extension program and poster presentation at CSU’s annual Extension Forum held on campus each fall. Emilia Ravetta was selected for the Larimer County Farmers’ Market internship. […]

Sociology graduate students successfully defend theses

By Sociology Communications | March 29, 2021

Emma Casey “Victimhood and Actorhood: Constructions of agency in anti-trafficking advocacy” Emma’s thesis identified and critically analyzed patterns among antitrafficking organizations in their constructions of victimhood and victim agency. Emma will continue her intellectual pursuits as a PhD student in sociology at Stanford University. Committee: Lynn Hempel, Tara Opsal, Tony Roberts, and Sammy Zahran (Economics).  […]

Emilia Ravetta and Thai Binh Tran accepted for Graduate Student Showcase

By Sociology Communications | November 18, 2020

Ph.D. student Emilia Ravetta and M.A. student Thai Binh Tran were accepted for CSU’s annual Graduate Student Showcase held virtually on November 18, 2020. Binh’s presented “Effects of Religion on Empowerment Rights: A Cross National Study.” Emilia presented “An Inductive Analysis of Mixed-status Families and Legal Clinic Participation.” In the Showcase’s new virtual platform, you can watch […]

Ph.D. student Azmal Hossan’s NSF-funded CONVERGE working group publishes agenda-setting paper on COVID-19 and food insecurity

By Sociology Communications | October 30, 2020

This summer Azmal Hossan began working with the COVID-19 and Food Insecurity interdisciplinary research group, one of the CONVERGE COVID-19 Working Groups for Public Health and Social Sciences Research. The groups’ projects are supported by the National Science Foundation-funded (NSF) Social Science Extreme Events Research (SSEER) network and the CONVERGE facility at the Natural Hazards […]

Azmal Hossan accepted to Agents of Change in Environmental Health Fellowship

By Sociology Communications | October 2, 2020

Ph.D. student Azmal Hossan has been accepted to the Agents of Change in Environmental Health Fellowship, a joint initiative of George Washington University Milken Institute of Public Health and Environmental Health News. In spring 2020, his cohort will begin a nine-month program to receive rigorous training on writing and publishing academic pieces on environmental health […]

KuoRay Mao and Nefratiri Weeks publish research on environment and politics in China

By Sociology Communications | September 15, 2020

Dr. KuoRay Mao and Ph.D. student Nefratiri Weeks co-published three recent articles. KuoRay Mao, Shuqin Jin, Yu Hu, Nefratiri Weeks & Liangjun Ye “Environmental Conservation or the Treadmill of Law: A Case Study of the Post-2014 Husbandry Waste Regulations in China” – International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology Read it here ABSTRACT As industrialized animal agriculture expanded […]

Ph.D. student Azmal Hossan invited to attend Global Environment Summer Academy and Gender, Disaster and Climate Risk Summer School

By Sociology Communications | April 30, 2020

Ph.D. student Azmal Hossan has been invited to attend two prestigious summer schools at renowned European universities. Global Environment Summer Academy 2020 is jointly organized by the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, and the Global Diversity Foundation. The Academy was to be held at the University of Oxford in the UK this fall. It […]

Kellie Alexander and Tara Opsal publish hazing research in Deviant Behavior

By Sociology Communications | April 30, 2020

Deviant Behavior published “‘That’s Just What You Do’: Applying the Techniques of Neutralization to College Hazing” by Ph.D. student Kellie Alexander and Associate Professor Tara Opsal. ABSTRACT Hazing is a prevalent behavior on college campuses that is harmful and can be dangerous, yet remains understudied in sociological literature. While research demonstrates that a majority of […]

Joshua Sbicca and Ph.D. student Becca Clark-Hargreaves present at annual American Association of Geographers Meeting

By Sociology Communications | April 26, 2020

Joshua Sbicca and Ph.D. student Becca Clark-Hargreaves organized and participated in a virtual session in April for the annual American Association of Geographers Meeting. The session was titled “Food and Carceral Intersections: From Geographies of Confinement to Enactments of Abolition.” There were over forty participants who attended this session.

2019 Annual Graduate Student Symposium

Bailey Mellott
Understanding First-Generation, Low-Income, Latino/a Student Networks: A Critical Exploration of Student Support at a Modern Land-Grant University

India Luxton
Mapping Movements: A Call for Qualitative Social Network Analysis (Co-author Josh Sbicca)

Chelsey Potter
Plastic Fantastic Lover: A Content Analysis of the Online Deviant Community of Sex Doll Owners: Research Proposal

Becca Clark-Hargreaves
Hunger Strikes and Carceral Resistance: Embodied Struggle, Discourse, and the Political Meaning-Making of Hunger

Yan Shan
Why the Chinese State Incorporates University-based Extension into its Agricultural Extension System?

2018–2019 Dissertation Defenses

Hannah Love   Advisor: Jeni Cross
The Social Process of Knowledge Creation in Science

Claudia Rosty   Advisor: Laura Raynolds
Fair Trade Certified Coffee Estates: Can Fair Trade USA Promote Workers’ Well-Being, Empowerment and Gender Equity in Brazilian and Nicaraguan Coffee Plantations?

Stacia Ryder   Advisor: Stephanie Malin
Mutliscalar Power, Conflict, and Procedural Justice in Regulating Colorado's Unconventional Oil and Gas Production

2018–2019 Theses Defenses

Becca Clark-Hargreaves   Advisor: Josh Sbicca
Hunger Strikes and Carceral Resistance: Discourse, Symbolic Contestation and the Political Meaning-Making of Hunger

Remo Macartney   Advisor: Lynn Hempel
Dramaturgy and Gender Performance in Fitness Spaces

Megan Parks   Advisor: Jeff Nowacki
Legal Financial Obligations: A Focal Concerns Perspective

Robert (RJ) Tuttle  Advisor: Prabha Unnithan
Dangerous Politics? An Analysis of the Relationship Between Political Affiliation and Assaults on Police Officers in American Counties


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