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Sociology at CSU offers a rigorous graduate experience made possible by our being part of a large, public land-grant university in which faculty are accomplished nationally- and internationally-known researchers as well as committed teachers and advisors. Here we celebrate all three aspects of teaching, community engagement and research, and we blend them all in what we do. This allows for graduate research opportunities and skillset development that are very transferable into the marketplace.

Recent Graduate Research & Outreach

Department Holds Annual Graduate Student Symposium

By Sociology Communications | May 3, 2019

The Department of Sociology hosted the 2019 Annual Graduate Student Symposium Friday, May 3 at the Lory Student Center. Five students presented recent research and projects. Bailey Mellott: Understanding First-Generation, Low-Income, Latino/a Student Networks: A Critical Exploration of Student Support at a Modern Land-Grant University India Luxton: Mapping Movements: A Call for Qualitative Social Network Analysis (Co-author Dr. Josh Sbicca) […]

CSU’s Fostering Success Program benefits from research by Tara Opsal and M.A. student Rebecca Eman

By Sociology Communications | November 5, 2018

New peer mentoring program created as part of Fostering Success Article by Drew Smith. Originally published on Source. A new mentoring program has been formed for CSU students who were foster youth or otherwise separated from their parents. The Fostering Success Program was started at CSU in 2010 for students from independent backgrounds. This includes […]

Ph.D. student Azmal Hossan collaborates with South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center

By Sociology Communications | October 31, 2018

Ph.D. student Azmal Hossan is an Early Career Research Fellow at the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center, University of Oklahoma. As part of the fellowship, Hossan attended the Science Working Group Meeting held in Fort Worth October 29-31, 2018. He is collaborating on a project titled, “Towards Enhancing Resilience of Indigenous, Rural & Vulnerable Communities at South […]

India Luxton awarded grant for program evaluation in Costa Rica

By Sociology Communications | October 8, 2018

Graduate Student India Luxton will investigate the learning practices of an education abroad course and student reported impacts on learning

Nefratiri Weeks awarded scholarship from the Association for Social Economics (ASE)

By Sociology Communications | April 16, 2018

Graduate student Nefratiri Weeks was awarded the Ingrid H. Rima Scholarship from the Association for Social Economics (ASE).

India Luxton and Travis Milnes present at Midwestern Sociological Society Annual Meeting

By Sociology Communications | March 26, 2018

CSU Sociology graduate students India Luxton and Travis Milnes presented at the Midwestern Sociological Society (MSS) Annual Meeting in March 2018.

Faculty and graduate students present at 2018 Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Annual Meeting

By Sociology Communications | February 18, 2018

CSU Sociology chaired/moderated sessions and presented on topics including policing, criminal justice, victimization, gender equality, sentencing, and more.

Hannah Love named a Research Top Scholar at CSU’s Graduate Showcase

By Sociology Communications | November 9, 2017

Love is a Ph.D. student and her showcase project was “Mentoring on Interdisciplinary Research Teams” with advisor Jeni Cross.

Sneha Kadyan was named a Top Scholar for the Global Impact: Global Research Award

By Sociology Communications | November 9, 2017

Kaydan is a Ph.D. student, and her entry was “Global Governance: The Role of Government and Fair Trade Initiatives in Cotton Textile Industry in India.”

Kellie Alexander asked to lead Hazing Prevention Retreat at CSU

By Sociology Communications | September 6, 2017

Kellie Alexander attended the Novak Institute for Hazing Prevention that was held in Atlanta in June 2017. This institute was a four-day interactive experience that taught diverse participants a strategic, comprehensive, and interdisciplinary approach focusing on hazing prevention as opposed to reacting to incidents after they occur. Based on this experience, Alexander was asked to […]

2018 Annual Graduate Student Symposium

Travis Milnes presented “If You Want to be the Decision Maker You’ve Got to Run for those Offices: Barriers to Community Decision Making at Rocky Flats.”

Leslie Satterfield presented “Examining the Relationship between Human Papillomavirus and Number of Sexual Partners.”

Ian D. Greenwood presented “Evaluating Evolving Measures of Cyber-Victimization.”

Nefratiri Weeks presented “Mechanisms of Inequality: A Social Structures of Accumulation and Polanyian Perspective.”

2017–2018 Theses & Dissertations

Shelby Coopwood presented her master’s thesis, “Transforming Food Politics: Community to Community’s Intersectional Ecofeminism and Food Sovereignty.” Advisor: Josh Sbicca, 5/11/18

Kelsea MaciIlroy defended her Ph.D. dissertation, "Crossing the Great Divide: A hydrosocial examination of agricultural and environmental partnerships for water conservation in the Colorado River Basin.” Advisor: Pete Taylor, 5/10/18

Leslie Satterfield presented her master's thesis, “Individual and Structural Predictors of Human Papillomavirus: Race as an Interaction Effect and the Construction of Racialized Sexualities.” Advisor: Tara Opal, 5/7/18

India Luxton defended her master’s thesis, “Rocky Flats: A Case Study of Nuclear Contamination, Knowledge, and Environmental Justice.” Advisor: Stephanie Malin, 9/29/17

Kellie Alexander defended her master’s thesis, “Hazed Perceptions: A Qualitative Analysis of College Students’ Definitions and Perceptions of Hazing in Student Organizations.” Advisor: Tara Opsal, 11/13/17

James Hale defended his Ph.D. dissertation, “Diverse Co-operative Networks?: An Examination of Boundaries and Openings to Resilient Food Futures.” Advisor: Michael Carolan, 6/26/17

Jamie Willis defended her master’s thesis,Culture Wars? Applying Categorical Variation Measures to the Study of Sociocultural and Political Polarization.” Advisor: Mike Lacy, 6/13/17


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