Assistantships & Scholarships

Financial Support

Many of CSU Sociology’s graduate students are funded by teaching or research assistantships that help support living expenses and cover tuition costs. These experiences are more than just financially beneficial, they help our graduate students integrate into the department and expand their skills. Additionally, we offer our graduate students financial support for professional development, such as participation in professional meetings and conferences.

The Department of Sociology also offers multiple annual grad student awards for outstanding effort and achievement. These awards recognize graduate students for their important academic and professional contributions to teaching, research and the study of social change. Recipients are chosen based on their strong commitment to innovative work in key areas emphasized by the graduate program, the quality and rigor of academic work or teaching support produced by the student, assessment by peers and colleagues and the quality of their written application. The Department of Sociology is pleased to honor the significant accomplishments of our graduate students!

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award 2023

 Emilia Ravetta, Ph.D. student

“Miss Ravetta is the best TA I’ve had in any of my courses at Colorado State. She is always present for lectures and ready to assist whenever we need clarification. In both courses, she would float around to all our small groups to provide individualized help on course materials or questions we had. In addition, Miss Ravetta is great at providing
one-on-one support for students in her courses.” – junior SOC major

Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award 2023

Shawna Bendeck, Ph.D. candidate and instructor

“This class really improved my knowledge of social problems and how our society continues to perpetuate them. I find myself using knowledge from class in conversations with friends, family, and others. Shawna kept class engaging and gave notes in a very organized way, which I appreciated. Thank you!” – SOC student

Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award 2023

km barnhardt, M.A. student

“Androcentrism or Class?: Family gender construction
in Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Karl Marx”

Graduate Student Research Excellence Award 2023

Nefratiri Weeks, Ph.D. student

“My key research questions center around the environmental, economic, social, and political crises associated with capitalist and neoliberal economic modernization as it intersects with nations across the global divide. I analyze how rising inequality, environmental degradation, and increasing fragility of the economic system impact the stability of institutions and disproportionately impact people lacking political power.”

Sociology Alumni Scholarship 2023

Milagro Nunez-Solis, Ph.D. student

"I'm an international student from Costa Rica, and this is my third year as a Ph.D. student in the Sociology Department. My research interest relates to the sociology of agri-food systems, gender and development, inequalities, and social justice. I´m a research assistant for the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (IRISS) and the Center for Fair & Alternative Trade (CFAT)."