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Sociology is the study of social life. It focuses on the interaction between human groups and societal institutions from social relationships within family units in preindustrial cultures to those within large, bureaucratic institutions in major industrialized nations. As one of largest and most diverse departments on campus, we pride ourselves on celebrating our many backgrounds, experiences & different ways of thinking. What binds us together is the desire to make the world a better place by understanding how society works and helping solve problems.


Our major’s three concentrations inherently attract students with a wide range of interests, experience and perspectives on the world, which creates a unique and richly diverse learning environment. Our students get used to working with people who are a little bit–or sometimes very–different than themselves, a very useful life and professional skill.

Why Sociology at CSU?

Sociology at CSU offers many unique opportunities for student and faculty interaction at multiple levels. Our faculty are deeply committed to doing teaching and research that matter. In addition to teaching across the core of the Sociological discipline,  almost all of our faculty work in at least two of our four areas of research strength: Environment and Natural Resources; Food, Agriculture & Development; Criminology/Criminal Justice, and Social Inequality, Social Justice, and Governance.

Our students are enthusiastic about the community involvement and hands-on experiences we offer through our internships, service learning courses, student clubs, Study Abroad opportunities, research centers, and more. Students graduate with a multitude of transferable skills and unique advantages for a wide array of rewarding career paths. Our alumni tell us they are grateful for having learned how to work effectively in whatever they do and wherever they go. Click here for The CSU Effect (9 out of 10 CSU graduates said they would choose CSU again!)

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