Sociology student Carina Solis-Roman to speak at CLA Commencement

Carina Roman-Solis chose CSU because it felt like home after spending many summers here with her high school’s Upward Bound program. This spring she took the podium as she walked the stage. Carina is one of two students chosen for what is a first in recent history—student speakers at CLA commencement, one spoke at each […]

CFAT Spring 2019 Updates

by Laura Raynolds, CFAT Director The Center for Fair & Alternative Trade (CFAT) continues to pursue its interlocking research, teaching, and outreach activities focusing on local, national, & global market-based approaches to alleviating poverty & promoting sustainable development. Our research has been recently highlighted in a set of journal articles, including ongoing analysis of Fair […]

Scholarship recipient helps pave the way for future first-generation students

Kacie is passionate about higher-education being accessible and understandable for anyone from any background. Kacie Couch ’18 wavered between studying archeology and business. “I enjoyed the courses, but felt the human aspect was missing. Then I happened upon an intro to sociology class with a very inspiring professor, Eileen Connell.” Kacie’s interests in improving the […]

Alumni Spotlight: Jamie Orcutt ’99

“Learn theory and then actually put it into action,” Jamie Orcutt ‘99 told students who attended the Department of Sociology’s recent “Why Sociology?” event. “If you learn how to write well, speak well and understand complicated situations, you will get promoted in your career. High-level jobs require complex thinking that cannot be replaced by computers.” […]