Academic Success Coordinator


  • Role:

  • Position:

    • Academic Success Coordinator
  • Department:

    • Academic Support Center, English, Ethnic Studies, and Women's Studies & Gender Research


Joanna Doxey is the Academic Support Coordinator for students majoring in Ethnic Studies, Philosophy, and English.

Joanna recently earned her Master of Fine Arts in creative writing with a focus in poetry from CSU. While a graduate student, she taught both Composition 150 and Beginning Creative Writing, served as the Assistant to the Director of Creative Writing, and contributed to editing poetry in the Colorado Review. She also worked with students in a range of grade levels as a consultant in the Writing Center at CSUand teaching poetry to seventh graders in the Poudre Valley School System. Prior to moving to Fort Collins, Joanna lived in Boston where she worked as a Project Editor for a textbook publisher. In her role as an Academic Support Coordinator, Joanna enjoys having conversations with her students about their passions and believes that academic success stems from challenging and engaging students both inside and beyond the classroom.

Joanna is an avid skier, runner, and hiker, and loves taking advantage of the access to natural areas Fort Collins and all of Colorado have to offer.

*This phone number is to set up appointments through the Academic Support Center