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Laura T. Raynolds is a Professor of Sociology at Colorado State University and the Co-Director of the Center for Fair & Alternative Trade. Her research focuses on globalization, international development, food & agriculture, gendered labor forces, and fair & alternative trade. Laura Raynolds has done extensive field-based research in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, and Costa Rica. She has received numerous grants, including support from the National Science Foundation, Ford Foundation, US Agency for International Development, and the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Laura Raynolds has publishing over 40 articles and chapters as well as two co-edited books.

Selected Publications

Raynolds, Laura T. 2000. Re-embedding Global Agriculture: the International Organic and Fair Trade Movements. Agriculture and Human Values 17: 297-309. - As the journal's most well cited and downloaded article, this pathbreaking article has been cited by 550 publications.

Raynolds, Laura T. 2002. Consumer/Producer Links in Fair Trade Coffee Networks. Sociologia Ruralis 42 (4): 404-424. - This is the 6th most well cited article in this journal and has been cited by 500 publications.

Raynolds, Laura T. 2004. The Globalization of Organic Agro-Food Networks. World Development 32 (5): 725-743. - This highly influential article has been cited over 400 times.

Raynolds, Laura T., Douglas Murray, & John Wilkinson (eds.) 2007. Fair Trade: The Challenges of Transforming Globalization. London: Routledge Press. - This book had the second largest 1st year sales in its category and has been cited over 300 times.

Raynolds, Laura T., Douglas Murray & Andrew Heller 2007. Regulating Sustainability in the Coffee Sector: A Comparative Analysis of Third-Party Environmental and Social Certification Initiatives. Agriculture and Human Values 24 (2):147-163. - With 225 citations, this is identified by the editor as the most recent article in this journal cited over 100 times.

Raynolds, Laura T. 2009. Mainstreaming Fair Trade Coffee: From Partnership to Traceability. World Development. 37 (6): 1083-1093. - This high impact article has over 200 citations.

Raynolds, Laura T. 2012. Fair Trade: Social Regulation in Global Food Markets. Journal of Rural Studies. 28 (3): 276-287. - This is identified as one of the journal's most downloaded articles.

Raynolds, Laura T. & Elizabeth Bennett (eds.) Handbook of Research on Fair Trade. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing. - The first of its kind, this volume provides a guide to cutting edge research, theory, and debates with 30 chapters by the world’s foremost fair trade scholars.

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