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Peter Leigh Taylor and David A. Sonnenfeld, eds. 2018. Water Crises and Governance:

Reinventing Collaborative Institutions in an Era of Uncertainty, Routledge Press. Water Crises and Governance critically examines the relationship between water crises and governance in the face of challenges to provide water for growing human demand and environmental needs. Water crises threaten the assumptions and accepted management practices of water users, managers and policymakers. In developed and developing world contexts from North America and Australasia, to Latin America, Africa and China, existing institutions and governance arrangements have unintentionally provoked water crises while shaping diverse, often innovative responses to management dilemmas. This volume brings together original field-based studies by social scientists investigating water crises and their implications for governance.

Prabha Unnithan co-edited with Dr. Mahesh Nalla at Michigan State Violence Against Women in India.


Pat Hastings (with co-author Daniel Schneider) published “Income Inequality and Household Labor” in Social Forces. Using over a decade of time-use and expenditure data, this paper shows how rising income inequality in the U.S. has the potential to reshape domestic labor and, crucially, inequality in domestic labor, by increasing the ability of the affluent to outsource domestic labor by hiring others to perform it.

Giblin, M. J., & Nowacki, J. S. (2017). “Organizational Decline and Fiscal Distress in Municipal Police Agencies.” Police Quarterly, 1098611117744523. In short, we examined the causes of fiscal distress among large municipal police departments in the wake of the Great Recession. We found that economic context, crime rates, and department size all predicted distress.

Snodgrass, J. G., A. Bagwell, J. Patry, H. J. F. Dengah II, C. Smarr-Fostera, . Van Oostenburg,  M. Lacy. 2018. “The Partial Truths of Compensatory And Poor-Get-Poorer Internet Use Theories: More Highly Involved Videogame Players Experience Greater Psychosocial Benefits.” Computers in Human Behavior. 78:10-25.

Snodgrass, J. G., M. Lacy, C. Upadhyay.   2017.  “Developing Culturally Sensitive Affect Scales For Global Mental Health Research And Practice: Emotional Balance, not Named Syndromes,  in Indian Adivasi Subjective Well-Being.” Social Science & Medicine. 187:174-183.

Lacy, M., J. G. Snodgrass, M. Meyer, H. J. F. Dengah II, N. Benedict.  Forthcoming. “A Formal Method for Detecting and Describing Cultural Complexity: Extending Classical Consensus Analysis.” Fortcoming, 2018. Field Methods.

David A. Sonnenfeld and Peter Leigh Taylor, eds. published the special issue on “Society and Natural Resources in an Illiberal World,” in Society & Natural Resources 31(5), 2018.

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