“Nancy López’s book Hopeful Girls, Troubled Boys is a notable study that incorporates intersectionality and presents the concepts of ‘race-gender experiences.’ Her more recent work provides a strong example of engaged scholarship and public sociology as she develops the concept of ‘street race’ to help guide understandings of the lived experience of ‘race’ that is important to policy makers, researchers, and everyday citizens. I am fortunate that Dr. López was also my dissertation advisor and mentor, and I draw from her work in many of my courses at CSU including SOC205 and SOC334.” – Dr. Elena Windsong (CSU)

Dr. Nancy López is professor of sociology at the University of New Mexico. She directs and co-founded the Institute for the Study of “Race” and Social Justice and she is the founding coordinator of the New Mexico Statewide Race, Gender, Class Data Policy Consortium. Dr. López is Associate Vice President for Equity and Inclusion. López’s scholarship, teaching and service is guided by the insights of intersectionality –the importance of examining race, gender, class, ethnicity together–for interrogating inequalities across a variety of social outcomes, including education, health, employment, housing, and developing contextualized solutions that advance social justice. This information and much more can be found on Dr. López’s profile at UNM.