KuoRay Mao encourages students to “Fight on!” in CSU Social’s video

CSU Social put together this encouragement video with “Best Teacher” faculty from around the University. At 1:40 from start, please find KuoRay Mao’s words of wisdom: “The world will need solution makers to help us better prepare for the future. That is why listening to your professors’ online lectures – it is not a chore, instead it is […]

Urban Institute’s Housing Matters releases brief on Pat Hastings’ research

In its research brief “School Quality Influences Where Parents Choose to Live—and How Much They’re Willing to Pay for Their Homes,” the Urban Institute’s Housing Matters initiative presented recent findings by Assistant Professor Orestes Pat Hastings and Adam Goldstein (Princeton). Their paper “Buying In: Positional Competition, Schools, Income Inequality, and Housing Consumption” was published by […]

Ph.D. student Kelsea MacIlroy interviewed by Time and others after The Nature Conservancy releases her report on Western Slope water conservation

Ph.D. student Kelsea MacIlroy’s work looks at social and cultural perceptions of Demand Management on the Western Slope – something that has not been previously studied. The Nature Conservancy funded her research, and in December they released her report “Exploring Perceptions of a Voluntary Agricultural Water Conservation Program on the Western Slope of Colorado.” She […]

Boulder Weekly features Josh Sbicca and his new book

Striving for a more equitable food system Story by Amanda Moutinho. Originally published by Boulder Weekly Seemingly every day Netflix adds a food documentary, another farmers’ market opens and more restaurants offer farm-to-table fare. While some obvious improvements are being made in the way society consumes food, author, sociologist and CSU professor Joshua Sbicca thinks there […]

Jeni Cross’s SPHEReS team hosts future scientists, featured by USGBC+

Jeni Cross’s Sustainable Places, Health and Educational Research in Schools (SPHEReS) research team hosted 52 fourth-graders from Northglenn’s STEM Lab in January. SPHEReS partners with Adams 12 Schools to examine the impact of school environment on occupant health and performance. Funded by the EPA, the Healthy Schools project is the first time that epidemiologists, sociologists, economists, and sustainability experts have collaborated at this scale to address this question. STEM Lab […]

CSU’s Fostering Success Program benefits from research by Tara Opsal and M.A. student Rebecca Eman

New peer mentoring program created as part of Fostering Success Article by Drew Smith. Originally published on Source. A new mentoring program has been formed for CSU students who were foster youth or otherwise separated from their parents. The Fostering Success Program was started at CSU in 2010 for students from independent backgrounds. This includes […]

Food Tank’s Fall 2018 Reading List features books by Michael Carolan and Josh Sbicca

Food Tank’s Fall 2018 Reading List—19 Books To Take the Food System Back Contributing Author: Katherine Walla. Originally published on foodtank: The Think Tank for Food Food Tank is highlighting 19 books about food and agriculture to fall for this season! These books explore food policy, nutrition science, healthy eating, food justice, and the challenges […]

Josh Sbicca interviewed by Food Sleuth Radio

Did you know that mutual understanding and respect are at the heart of food justice? Join Food Sleuth Radio host and Registered Dietitian, Melinda Hemmelgarn, for her interview with Joshua Sbicca, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology at Colorado State University and author of Food Justice Now!: Deepening the Roots of Social Struggle. Sbicca explains the differences […]

KuoRay Mao builds unique partnership of CSU, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Research Center for Rural Economy, and NGO Green Camel Bell to address community environmental governance in rural China

Since 2014, KuoRay Mao, Assistant Professor of Sociology, has been an official consultant of Green Camel Bell (GCB), a grassroots environmental NGO based in the Gansu province in northwest China. The CSU-GCB partnership helps build important relationships among rural communities in Gansu that are addressing severe watershed pollution, grassland degradation, and environmental health threats caused by unlawful hazardous […]

Institute for Family Studies interviews Pat Hastings about income inequality findings

Rising Income Inequality Widens the Class Divide in Parenting Practices: An Interview with Orestes Pat Hastings by Alyssa ElHage, originally published on www.ifstudies.org “Rising income inequality is reshaping parenting practices in the United States along class lines,” according to a recent report published in the journal, American Sociological Review. Authors Daniel Schneider, Orestes “Pat” Hastings, and Joe LaBriola used […]