NSF funds Jeni Cross and transdisciplinary sustainability collaborators

Breaking free from the silo: Regional network focuses on all parts of the sustainability puzzle Article by Stacy Nick. Originally published on SOURCE. A new Colorado State University research proposal aims to break down the silos that researchers typically work in, taking transdisciplinary research to a whole new level by creating a regional sustainability network that […]

Prison Agriculture Lab launched by Joshua Sbicca, Becca Chalit Hernandez, Azmal Hossan, Julia Kovacs

Joshua Sbicca has launched the Prison Agriculture Lab, a collaborative space for inquiry and action that focuses on agricultural practices within the criminal punishment system. Our research and advocacy focus on place, power, inequality, and resistance. We are informed by scholarship, art, and activism that challenges racial capitalism and advances food justice and abolition. Given […]

AAPI statement reaffirms our Call for Racial Justice

CSU Sociology reaffirms our commitment to the struggle for racial justice and commits to raising awareness of the valuable contributions our Asian, Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) colleagues make on campus and across the U.S. Read our full AAPI statement here. In June 2020, CSU Sociology faculty launched a Call for Racial Justice. They also […]

IWBI advisor Jeni Cross & team release Global Research Agenda linking buildings & spaces with health & humans

In July 2018, Jeni Cross was selected as an advisor for International WELL Building Institute. In January 2021, IWBI released her group’s innovative report linking buildings and spaces with health and humans. PRESS RELEASE  ·  Jan 26, 2021 International WELL Building Institute Launches Global Research Agenda Call to action to drive timely and innovative global research […]

Tara Opsal’s community cohesion research featured in CLA magazine

Originally appeared in CSU’s College of Liberal Arts Magazine. Story by Carmen Ruyle Hardy. Economic viability and the health of a community: tackling wicked problems begins at the kitchen table When an oil and gas boom busts, a rural community can be left in such poverty that residents are willing to consider all possibilities for […]

Inspired by semester-long discussions around equality, poverty and stratification, Jason Downing’s students continue record-breaking donations for the Food Bank of Larimer County

Fifteen years ago Jason Downing’s students began stacking cans of donated food in the corner of their Front Range Community College (FRCC) classroom. He would load the items into his trunk and make a single trip to the Food Bank of Larimer County. Soon he began also teaching sociology at CSU, and cans started closing […]

Jeni Cross Co-PI on new ecosystem and climate change global project funded by National Science Foundation

CSU joins global team to study ecosystem, climate change interactions in thawing permafrost Article by Jeff Dodge. Originally published on SOURCE. A footbridge has broken due to permafrost thaw at the study site in Sweden. Photo by Patrick Crill Colorado State University is one of 14 universities from around the globe that have collectively been awarded $12.5 […]

Michael Carolan’s food systems team studies COVID-19 impacts on Denver supply chain

Story by Anne Manning. Originally published on SOURCE. Food systems experts to study Denver supply chain impacts from COVID-19 Social distancing measures, including shutdowns of schools and restaurants during COVID-19, have caused major shifts in how American municipalities, institutions and families get their food. This new reality is very much on the minds of food systems […]