Laura Raynolds’ CFAT studies handicraft groups in India and Nepal, and more this spring

The Center for Fair & Alternative Trade (CFAT) continues to pursue its interlocking research, teaching, and outreach activities focusing on local, national, & global market-based approaches to alleviating poverty & promoting sustainable development. Our research has been recently highlighted in a set of journal articles, including ongoing analysis of Fair Trade and global labor rights initiatives by CFAT’s […]

Jeni Cross, Hannah Love and IRISS work with NSF, present at Science of Team Science conference, and more

Have you seen the The Walking Dead? The television series isn’t real, but have you ever wondered what happens in the ‘real world’ when a deadly virus breaks out? In April the IRISS Facilitation team worked with NSF ERC research scientists who want to develop vaccines and solutions for instances when viruses break out around […]

Pat Mahoney designing curricula for NSF’s Smart and Connected Communities project

Pat Mahoney is a member of this spring’s grant writing team for NSF’s Smart and Connected Communities project through CSU’s One Health Institute. CSU’s project proposal introduces a health-related information system to Longmont’s community-based health care system. Pat’s responsibilities are to design curricula to train prospective students to assist in coordinating and facilitating the use of Longmont’s system.

Jeni Cross, Hannah Love and IRISS offer social science research to CSU faculty

Story by Jeff Dodge. Originally published on SOURCE. For social science research, CSU faculty can now pick IRISS For social science research, CSU faculty can now pick IRISS Faculty who need to conduct focus groups, design a survey for a research project, or carry out other types of social science research now have a place […]

Jeni Cross’s SPHEReS team hosts future scientists, featured by USGBC+

Jeni Cross’s Sustainable Places, Health and Educational Research in Schools (SPHEReS) research team hosted 52 fourth-graders from Northglenn’s STEM Lab in January. SPHEReS partners with Adams 12 Schools to examine the impact of school environment on occupant health and performance. Funded by the EPA, the Healthy Schools project is the first time that epidemiologists, sociologists, economists, and sustainability experts have collaborated at this scale to address this question. STEM Lab […]

KuoRay Mao builds unique partnership of CSU, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Research Center for Rural Economy, and NGO Green Camel Bell to address community environmental governance in rural China

Since 2014, KuoRay Mao, Assistant Professor of Sociology, has been an official consultant of Green Camel Bell (GCB), a grassroots environmental NGO based in the Gansu province in northwest China. The CSU-GCB partnership helps build important relationships among rural communities in Gansu that are addressing severe watershed pollution, grassland degradation, and environmental health threats caused by unlawful hazardous […]

American Sociological Review publishes Pat Hastings’ “Income Inequality and Class Divides in Parental Investments”

The study, “Income Inequality and Class Divides in Parental Investments,” was published May 21 in the American Sociological Review, the peer-reviewed flagship journal of the American Sociological Association.