Routledge Handbook on Consumption publishes Laura Raynolds’ research on inequalities

Raynolds, Laura T. 2017. “Bridging North / South Divides through Consumer Driven Networks.” Pp. 167-178 in B. Halkier et al. (eds.) Routledge Handbook on Consumption. New York: Routledge. Abstract Scholars and activists have sought to identify avenues for addressing rising global disparities, focusing largely on reconfiguring production. This chapter shifts our focus to the realm […]

Jeni Cross’s Sustainable Places, Health and Research in Schools study funded by the EPA

This study will determine if sustainably retrofitted schools have a positive impact on human performance — including student health and academic achievement, and employee health and work satisfaction — compared to conventional school buildings. Results will quantify human benefits of green retrofits, and inform policy and priorities for facility and operational improvements. The study will […]