FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin publishes Chris Moloney and Prabha Unnithan’s cybercrime research

Dr. Chris Moloney has published his dissertation research in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. His article “Assessing Law Enforcement’s Cybercrime Capacity and Capability” is co-authored by Prabha Unnithan and Dr. Weiqi Zhang (Suffolk University in Boston). Chris successfully defended his dissertation in Fall 2021. The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin (LEB) is read by midlevel to executive managers […]

Jessie Luna and Becca Chalit Hernandez publish Burkina Faso research in Geoforum

Dr. Jessie Luna, Ph.D. student Becca Chalit Hernandez, and Abdoulaye Sawadogo (Université Joseph Ki-Zerbo/Ouagadougou) published “The paradoxes of purity in organic agriculture in Burkina Faso” in Geoforum this December. ABSTRACT For decades, critical agri-food scholarship has sought to evaluate the outcomes of alternative agri-food systems such as organic. Two key critiques have emerged: the first focuses on […]

Stanford University Press releases Michael Carolan’s latest book A Decent Meal

Dr. Michael Carolan’s latest book, A Decent Meal: Building Empathy in a Divided America was published by Stanford Stanford University Press in October. From the publisher: A poignant look at empathetic encounters between staunch ideological rivals, all centered around our common need for food. While America’s new reality appears to be a deeply divided body […]

Environment and Society publishes Jessie Luna’s research on agrochemicals in Africa

Dr. Jessie Luna and Serena Stein (Wageningen University) published “Toxic Sensorium: Agrochemicals in the African Anthropocene” in Environment and Society on September 1, 2021. ABSTRACT Pesticides and toxicity are constitutive features of modernization in Africa, despite ongoing portrayals of the continent as “too poor to pollute.” This article examines social science scholarship on agricultural pesticide expansion […]

RSS honors Michael Carolan with “Rural Sociology Best Paper Award”

Dr. Michael Carolan received the 2020 Rural Sociology Best Paper Award for his paper “The Rural Problem: Justice in the Countryside.” His paper and $1,000 award were mentioned at the Rural Sociological Society’s (RSS) Virtual Awards Ceremony on August 1, 2021. His paper was published by Rural Sociology on May 19, 2019. His research was […]

Elena Windsong publishes research on racial space in Sociological Focus

Elena Ariel Windsong published “White and Latino Differences in Neighborhood Emotional Connections and the Racialization of Space” in Sociological Focus on June 23, 2021. ABSTRACT Topics of space and neighborhoods are important areas for the study of race and racial inequality. Based on a qualitative study of one middle-class neighborhood with a mix of whites […]

The Sociological Quarterly publishes Michael Carolan’s research on COVID-19’s impact on gendered household food practices

Michael Carolan published “COVID-19’s Impact on Gendered Household Food Practices: Eating and Feeding as Expressions of Competencies, Moralities, and Mobilities” in The Sociological Quarterly on January 21, 2021. ABSTRACT This article is based on research conducted in Colorado in late-2019 and again post-COVID outbreak, from April through May of 2020. In addition to (virtual) face-to-face […]

Pat Hastings and Kassie Roeser published by Social Forces

Orestes (Pat) Hastings and Kassandra K. Roeser (B.A. ’18) published “Happiness in Hard Times: Does Religion Buffer the Negative Effect of Unemployment on Happiness?” in Social Forces. Dr. Hastings and Kassie wrote this paper while she was an undergrad in our Environmental Sociology concentration. She is now pursuing her master’s degree in Sociology at Stanford. […]

Media appearances continue for Joshua Sbicca following new book on food and gentrification

Joshua Sbicca’s latest book A Recipe for Gentrification: Food, Power, and Resistance in the City was released by NYU Press in July 2020. Along with Alison Hope Alkon (University of the Pacific) and Yuki Kato (Georgetown University), Dr. Sbicca co-edited contributions about gentrification’s effects on food landscapes in cities and towns across the United States […]

Steve Dandaneau’s “What the Election Should Have Been About” published by CounterPunch

What the Election Should Have Been About By Steve Dandaneau. Originally published by CounterPunch. Photograph by Nathaniel St. Clair Consult Roger Cohen in the Times on the “shrinking American mind” or Max Boot in the Post on the “sleaziest presidential campaign ever,” or any number of kindred spirits, and it is clear that the pundit class is dissatisfied with […]