Study Abroad Program: Criminology & Criminal Justice; Prague, Summer 2011

Course Information: The six-week Criminology and Criminal Justice program consists of two courses: SOC482A, International and Comparative Criminal Justice Systems, and SOC482B, International and Comparative Crime and Deviance. The courses provide students with direct experience and insight into issues and problems of crime and criminal justice in this rapidly changing society.  With its recent political and economic history, Prague provides a fascinating opportunity  to study issues of democratization, crime, and justice.

Tentative Program Dates: June 4–July 16, 2011.

Eligibility Requirements: Sophomores and above; 2.5 GPA minimum and good disciplinary standing.

Estimated Cost: Available mid-November

To Apply: Apply online at

For Information: Contact Dr. Mike Hogan, faculty director, at or 970-491-5951

Zahran & Peek Study Link between Fetal Distress & Hurricanes

Funded by CSU’s  School of Global Environmental Sustainability, a team of CSU social scientists analyzed long-term health statistics regarding Hurricane Andrew in 1992.  “We observed noticeable spikes in the proportion of infants born distressed for all racial groups that correspond with the onset of the hurricane,”  Zahran said.

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CFAT Researches Fair Trade Flowers

CFAT is conducting exciting new research on Fair Trade flowers produced in Ecuador for sale in the United States. It is the first ever research project on Latin American Fair Trade flowers and the first comprehensive investigation of Fair Trade’s impacts on waged workers in the region.

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