Professor Kim is a Jackson Baur Professor of Sociology at the University of Kansas. He is specialized in the areas of stratification, work and organizations, race and ethnicity, Asian American studies, Korea studies, and quantitative methodology. The common concern of his research is to contribute to the generation of the critical knowledge and information that will ultimately help policy makers to understand and eventually ameliorate the undesirable sources of increasing socioeconomic polarization in our society. Methodologically, he is interested in panel models and diverse statistical decompositions. His work appears, among others, in American Sociological Review, Annual Review of Sociology, Work and Occupations, Sociological Methods & Research and Korean Journal of Sociology.

Research Interests

  • Stratification and Inequality
  • Labor Markets
  • Economic Sociology
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Immigration
  • Asian American Studies
  • Korea Studies
  • Research Methods and Statistics

2016 Best Research Paper Award, Asia And Asian America Section of the American Sociological Association

2012 The MSS Early Career Scholarship Award, the Midwest Sociological Society

2011 Outstanding Article Award, Poverty, Inequality, and Mobility Section of the American Sociological Association

The above information is from Dr. Kim’s profile at the University of Kansas.