About the book

Food Justice Now!: Deepening the Roots of Social Struggle, published this summer by the University of Minnesota Press and available at the CSU Bookstore, explores the relationship between food activism and social justice activism with a historically grounded and ethnographically rich narrative. With his argument that food justice is more than a myopic focus on food, Sbicca provides scholars and activists alike a framework to investigate the causes behind inequities and evaluate and implement political strategies to overcome them.

“By highlighting sites where justice, rather than food, is the primary motivator of social action, Joshua Sbicca’s timely and important book takes the conversation about food justice exactly where it needs to go,” said Julie Guthman, co-editor of The New Food Activism: Opposition, Cooperation, and Collective Action.

Sbicca begins the book with examples of broader food justice initiatives in history, including the Black Panther Party’s efforts to provide free meals to schoolchildren and the United Farm Workers’ campaigns for labor rights. He connects this to contemporary, but often sidelined, manifestos and practices that center on the need to address social inequities if there is to be a truly sustainable and just food system.

These sections have been published by Utne Reader.

“Structural Roots of Food System Inequalities”

“The Organic Farming Movement”

“Farmworker and Food Labor Movements”