Kellie Alexander and Jeff Nowacki’s research on gender & promotion in policing published by Feminist Criminology

Ph.D. student Kellie Alexander and Dr. Jeff Nowacki’s research “Women in power? Examining gender and promotion in policing through an organizational perspective” was published December 24, 2021 by Feminist Criminology. ABSTRACT Women bring important strengths to the field of policing, such as communication skills, the ability to lead teams, as well as the ability to coach and nurture subordinates. […]

Jessie Luna visits West Africa as keynote speaker and radio panelist on pesticides & public policies

Jessie Luna gave the keynote address at a fall conference in Côte d’Ivoire (West Africa) on Pesticides and Public Policies in the Global South. Her talk was in French: “Réguler l’invisible: les compromis et paradoxes au sein des politiques relatives aux pesticides en Afrique.” She also took part in a panel discussion on pesticides at […]

Michael Carolan keynote speaker for RIHN 15th International Symposium

Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) held its 15th International Symposium virtually January 13–16, 2021. This year’s theme was “Transitioning Cultures of Everyday Food Consumption and Production: Stories from a Post-growth Future.” Michael Carolan opened the final day as the keynote speaker. His talk was titled “Food Journeys: Encounters that Engender Empathy across Difference.” The […]

KuoRay Mao, Lou Swanson, and Pete Taylor invited speakers at international forum on poverty and ecology

KuoRay Mao, Lou Swanson, and Pete Taylor presented virtually at the 2020 International Forum on the Theory & Practices of Poverty Alleviation and Ecological Revitalization in the Yellow River Basin. The forum was held November, 7, 2020, in Shandong, China, and organized by Beijing Forestry University, Institute of Ecological Civilization, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences […]

Pat Hastings, Jessie Luna, Becca Clark-Hargreaves, Stephanie Malin, KuoRay Mao, Tony Roberts and Nefratiri Weeks present at ASA Annual Meeting

The 115th American Sociological Association (ASA) Annual Meeting was held virtually this year. 2020’s theme was “Power, Inequality and Resistance at Work.” Presentations: Dr. Pat Hastings co-presented “Seasonality in Parental Investments in Children: Understanding the ‘Other Faucet’ and the Summer Learning Gap.” Dr. Jessie Luna gave a talk for a paper co-authored with Ph.D. student […]

Joshua Sbicca and Ph.D. student Becca Clark-Hargreaves present at annual American Association of Geographers Meeting

Joshua Sbicca and Ph.D. student Becca Clark-Hargreaves organized and participated in a virtual session in April for the annual American Association of Geographers Meeting. The session was titled “Food and Carceral Intersections: From Geographies of Confinement to Enactments of Abolition.” There were over forty participants who attended this session.

Jessie Luna speaks at CLA’s Great Conversations Season Kickoff Event “Does Technology Cause or Heal Partisan Divides”

Story by Serena Bettis. Originally published by The Collegian.  Great Conversations explores technology, partisan divides Great Conversations kicked off its 24th season with a community conversation in the Lory Student Center Theatre Sept. 26, focusing on the question “Does technology create or heal partisan divides?” Panelists Evan Elkins, assistant professor of communication studies, Michael Humphrey, assistant […]

Josh Sbicca speaks at Colorado Food Insecurity event

Josh Sbicca was a panelist for Colorado Food Insecurity event held September 13 on campus. Participants were invited to learn how they can contribute to Colorado State University’s ongoing efforts to address food insecurity among students. Panelists from CSU and Larimer County Food Bank discussed examples of successful food insecurity reduction programs. • Dr. Jennifer […]

ACJS President Prabha Unnithan visits international conferences

Prabha Unnithan, 2019-2020 president of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, traveled internationally this summer representing the ACJS and CSU Sociology. The Asian Criminological Society held its 11th annual conference in June in Cebu City, Philippines. This year’s theme was “Contextualizing Challenges In Criminology And Criminal Justice In Asia.” The 2019 British Society of Criminology (BSC) […]

Michael Carolan invited keynote at European Society of Rural Sociology (ESRS) 2019 Congress

The Scientific Committee for the European Society of Rural Sociology (ESRS) invited Michael Carolan to be the keynote speaker for its 2019 Congress held in Norway June 25–28.  The conference theme was “Rural Futures in a Complex World,” and Carolan’s talk was “Rural Sociology Revival: Overcoming Divides, Affording Additions, Confronting Injustices.” The ESRS was founded […]