The 115th American Sociological Association (ASA) Annual Meeting was held virtually this year. 2020’s theme was “Power, Inequality and Resistance at Work.”


Dr. Pat Hastings co-presented “Seasonality in Parental Investments in Children: Understanding the ‘Other Faucet’ and the Summer Learning Gap.”

Dr. Jessie Luna gave a talk for a paper co-authored with Ph.D. student Becca Clark-Hargreaves: “Clean white cotton: race and the paradoxes of purity in organic agriculture in Burkina Faso.” This paper was part of sessions on “Racialized Meaning.”

Dr. KuoRay Mao and Ph.D. student Nefratiri Weeks co-presented “Authoritarian Environmentalism or the Treadmill of Law: the Post-2014 Husbandry Waste Regulations in China” during the session “A Comparative Approach: Environmental Politics in a Time of Populism, Nationalism and De-Globalization”

Dr. Tony Roberts co-presented “The Structure of Financial Systems and Wage Inequality: A Comparative Distributional Analysis of Financial Wage Premiums” during the session “Economic Sociology: Finance, Debt, and Society.”


Dr. Pat Hastings presided over an “Attitudes II” roundtable during the “Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility” section and presented “Which Joneses? Geographic and Sociodemographic Reference Group Effects on Perceptions of Relative Income.”

Dr. Stephanie Malin co-presented “A People’s Sociology: Environmental Sociology and the Nature of Nature” during the “Crossing Boundaries: Humans, Non-Humans, and Nature” roundtable.

Dr. Tony Roberts co-presented “Globalization and Wage-Setting Institutions in Advanced Capitalist Democracies: Retrenchment and Convergence Revisited” during the “Labor and Labor Movements” roundtable.

Also during that roundtable, alumna Dr. Jackie Gabriel presented “Manufacturing Precarity: A Case Study of a Decade-Long Lockout among Grain Processing Workers”