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Sociology at Colorado State University has made a big positive difference in this eventful year of 2018. Read below about the exciting research Sociology faculty and grad students are involved in, including creating new collaborations, winning research grants, publishing scholarly books and articles, and traveling across state, country and globe to share their expertise. Our faculty provide CSU students with some of the highest quality teaching on campus, in one of the university’s most popular majors. Our graduate and undergraduate students have shone, progressing in their programs of study, winning honors and awards and contributing actively to the Department and their community. Reports from alumni tell us that Sociology has mattered for their careers and lives as they draw on their education in myriad ways to make positive impacts on the world around them. Thank you for what you do!

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Pete Taylor
Professor and Chair

Shout Outs

  • Kacie Couch, Sara Gill, Justin Green, Mariah Green, and Kassie Roeser kept our main office in operation this summer and during the Program Assistant transition.
  • Keri Canada, Jason Downing, Ian Greenwood, Pat Mahoney, Jeff Nowacki, Megan Parks, Kassie Roeser, Carmen Ruyle Hardy, Pete Taylor, Matt VanderMeulen, and Elena Windsong helped welcome over 100 new and transfer undergraduate students this fall during the CSU Ram Welcome Street Fair and Sociology Department Meeting.
  • All hands were on deck for this fall's graduate student orientation, hallway visits, and reception organized by Lynn Hempel.
  • Carmen Ruyle Hardy and Pete Taylor represented the department in CLA's re-design of Sociology's website.
  • Jason Downing took the stage and shared his musical talents with us for our Fall Gathering at Avo's.
  • Nefratiri Weeks is Sociology's Internship Coordinator and serves as Graduate Student Organization President. Austin Luzbetak serves on the Graduate Student Council. Kellie Alexander (PhD) and Megan Parks (MA) are Graduate Student Representatives to Department Council. Kassie Roeser serves as AKD President and Undergraduate Student Representative to Department Council.
  • Elena Windsong reminded us to vote and offered stamps or ballot delivery.
  • Social committee members Sneha Kadyan, Hannah Love, and India Luxton organized the inaugural Sociology Appreciation Day on November 15.
  • Jeni Cross chaired the search for the position of Assistant Professor of Research Methods and Quantitative Methods. Shawna Bendeck, Lynn Hempel, Stephanie Malin, and Julie Pinkston served on the committee.
  • Mike Hogan, Hannah Love, and Josh Sbicca nominated Jeni Cross for a CLA Excellence in Teaching Award.
  • Prospective students and their families were greeted by Keri Canada and Matt VanderMeulen during last weekend's Choose CSU event.
Ram Welcome
Grad Welcome
Appreciation Day

Welcome Aboard

Dr. Ian R. Carrillo, Special Instructor

Kevin Cronin, Instructor

Dr. Steven P. Dandaneau, Executive Director of the Reinvention Collaborative and a CSU Associate Provost. Steve is a Brandeis University-trained Sociology Ph.D. and will have his tenure home with our Department of Sociology.

Scott Harris, Instructor

Dr. Alison Hatch, Instructor

Dr. Annabel Ipsen, Assistant Professor

Dr. Jessie Luna, Assistant Professor

Julie Pinkston, Program Assistant

New Graduate Students:

Parker Arnold, Ph.D. student

Carolyn Conant, M.A. student

Azmal Hossan, Ph.D. student

Julia Kovacs, M.A. student

Adrienne Miller, Ph.D. student

Chelsey Potter, M.A. student

Aaron Taylor, M.A. student

Bria Willert, Ph.D. student

Yue Xu, M.A. student

Drew Yarbell, M.A. student


Betty Burkett retired from Sociology's Program Assistant position this summer. "Cake with Betty" was held in September to thank her for her many years of outstanding contributions (and cakes) and to wish her well. Betty was presented with a mixing bowl from a local artist and many offers from department members to continue to taste test her creations.

Dr. Michael Lacy was promoted to Emeritus Associate Professor during his retirement celebration at Avo's in October. Friends and colleagues from all over campus gathered and presented him with a new toolset as thanks for over 28 years of service to CSU and our department.

Before he retired, Mike Lacy urged the department to ask current grad students what brought them to CSU. He predicted they would say mountains and beer. Here's what they actually said:   “Dr. Lacy answered the phone. I got to talk to a human when I called.”   “Mike Lacy was honest with me.”   “Dr. Lacy was realistic about funding and made me no promises. I appreciated that.”   “Mike Lacy was straightforward.”   “I enjoyed talking with Mike Lacy during the process.”   “Mike Lacy talked with me about all the offers I had on the table.”

Undergraduate Happenings

Prague study abroad program in 11th year of expanding students’ global perspectives

Fifteen undergraduate students from a variety of majors including Sociology joined Tara Opsal and India Luxton this summer in Prague. Luxton received department funding to attend as a graduate student teaching assistant.

The summer faculty-led program introduces students to international crime and criminal justice with attention to the Czech Republic. Read more here about how the program began.

Grad school event

AKD hosts "Considering Graduate School?" event for all majors

AKD President Kassie Roeser organized this event to help students learn more about Sociology's M.A. program, as well as how to apply to any graduate program. Several undergrads enjoyed free pizza while hearing from Lynn Hempel, Director of Graduate Studies; George Gromke, alumni; Chelsey Potter, M.A. student; Pete Taylor, Chair; and Noel Strapko, Ph.D. student. 

AKD plans to host this event each semester to help students decide if graduate school is a good fit and to help them begin the process early. AKD will also host its annual "Why Sociology?" event in the spring. All majors are welcome.

SOC 100 and SOC 220 students unite to collect over 4,500 pounds of food for class project

Jason Downing's SOC 100, 220, and online 100 students collected over $8,000 worth of food (based on National Grocer Index) this semester for distribution in Fort Collins, Denver, Ventura (CA), Oklahoma, San Antonio, and Chicago. The annual drive is part of a semester long discussion of equality, poverty, stratification, and theory. Students have the option to write a paper, or donate and build social capital to create a more direct bond with the larger Fort Collins family. Downing says, "I am impressed and VERY proud of our CSU Sociology students who continue to demonstrate Sociology in Action!" 


Abigail DeRosa successfully defended her Honors Thesis: "Social Media and Fitness".  – Pat Mahoney and Elena Windsong

Please join me in congratulating senior Sociology major (and UG Student Rep) Kassie Roeser! Last week, she successfully defended her very impressive Undergraduate Honors Thesis, entitled "The ‘New Normal’: Community Response to Unconventional Oil and Gas Development in Northern Colorado". Kassie had a well-attended, graduate-level presentation – and wowed us all with how ready she is for graduate school next fall. Congratulations, Kassie! – Stephanie Malin

Congratulations are in order! Katie Linenberger successfully presented and defended her Honor’s Thesis, titled, "Awakenings within a Community". She conducted original research to examine the impact of participating in a local self-development/community connection program called Arkitekt. Thanks to Mark Shuey for serving on Katie’s committee and for assisting her with deepening her theoretical analysis of her qualitative data. – Jeni Cross


Mariah Green is graduating this semester with a B.S. in Health and Exercise Science, Sports Medicine concentration. She is considering applying to nursing school.

Kassie Roeser is graduating this semester with a B.A. in Sociology, Environmental Sociology concentration and has submitted applications to various graduate programs.

Both Mariah and Kassie have agreed to continue working some hours in our front office in January – lucky us!

“It has been my pleasure to instruct and advise Kassie through her Undergraduate Honors Thesis project. Kassie is a first-generation college student, and she has dedicated herself to thriving at CSU and learning all she can from her professors. In fact, Kassie is currently working with various faculty on a few different research projects, which will lead to publications while she is still an undergraduate. Kassie ‘gets’ sociological data collection and theorizing at a level that is more common among graduate students, so she helps shape and drive these collaborations with faculty – a truly impressive and unique accomplishment for an undergraduate student. She is also in my SOC 668 course on Environmental Sociology, a graduate course, and she excels in that more challenging environment. In sum, Kassie is one of the most accomplished and engaged sociologists to come through the program, and she has an exceptionally bright future." – Stephanie Malin

Fall 2018 Bachelor of Arts Graduates in Sociology (click on + to view)

Chuck Aaron

Charlie Atkin

Caspian Banki

Haylie Burkhardt

Alyssa Casias

Jess Christensen

Kyle Conaty

Maya Cousins

James Dean

Brandon Duckworth

Matt Dutro

Tristan Fabiny

Shannon Farquhar

Ashley Fehrer

Janele Harry

Nikole Kastein

Stephanie Martin

Jamie McCue

Jake Mohr

Maddie Murcko

Dani Murdock

Bryan Nicholson

Shannon O'Brien

Courtney Palmer

Portia Peter

Caitlin Peterson

Kathryn Quinn

Beau Rainey

Kassandra Roeser

Jordan Ruhl

Tina Scacco

Tristan Searle

Eboni Stevenson

Amanda Tarlton

Shaina Teninty

Krista Thaxton

Wade Ticer

Bruce Wheeler

Karissa Wretling

Cristina Young

Danqing Zao

Caspian with Cam and Broncos

Student with autism overcomes obstacles to graduate from CSU

When Caspian Banki was a kid, many doubted his prospects because he had autism.

“A lot of people told my mom I would never graduate from high school, or live alone, or graduate from college,” Banki says.

Well, they were wrong. Banki will check the third and final box on that list this week when he walks across the commencement stage to collect his bachelor’s degree in sociology from Colorado State University.

Graduate Student Happenings

Hannah's certificate

Hannah Love wins Emerging Scholar Award

Ph.D. student Hannah Love received the SciTS Meritorious Contribution Award for Emerging Scholar at the annual SciTS Conference in May in Galveston, TX. Her poster presentation, “The Central Role of Women in the Development, Process and Outcomes of Scientific Teams,” was recognized as the abstract best demonstrating excellence in research approach, clarity, innovation, and significance for advancing important topics in team science. Jeni Cross and Ellen Fisher (IRISS) were part of Hannah's presentation. The full program is available here.

Azmal Hossan contributes at two climate conferences this fall

Ph.D. student Azmal Hossan is an Early Career Research Fellow at the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center, University of Oklahoma. Read about his collaboration efforts at the Science Working Group Meeting in October here.

Azmal attended November's interdisciplinary Graduate Climate Conference (GCC) run by graduate students, for graduate students. He presented "Carbon dioxide: Friend or foe to food" and networked with future potential climate scientists from MIT, Harvard, and Princeton. The full program and Azmal's abstract is available here.

India discussing poster

Three Sociology Ph.D. students enter CSU's Graduate Student Showcase

Azmal Hossan presented "Climate Change, Household Amenities, and Women's Nutritional Status." Sneha Kadyan presented "Bridging Economic Divides: Impact Assessment of Ten Thousand Villages Canada." India Luxton (shown) presented "BSharp: A Community-Based Music Intervention for PWD and Caregivers." Find out more about CSU's Graduate Student Showcase here


Please join me and the theory comprehensive exam committee in congratulating Sneha Kadyan on passing the theory exam. – Lynn Hempel (chair: Laura Raynolds, members: Pat Mahoney and Josh Sbicca)

Please join me and the methods comprehensive exam committee in congratulating Bill Barton and Nefratiri Weeks on passing the methods exam. – Lynn Hempel (chair: Prabha Unnithan, members: Ken Berry and Pat Hastings)

Kelsea MacIlroy successfully defended her Ph.D. proposal, "Crossing the Great Divide: A hydrosocial examination of agricultural and environmental partnerships for water conservation in the Colorado River Basin”. Her committee was composed of Pete Taylor, Michael Carolan, Lynn Hempel, Stephanie Malin and Stephanie Kampf (Natural Resource Ecology). Please join me in congratulating Kelsea on this significant accomplishment! – Pete Taylor

Please join me in congratulating Travis Milnes for the successful defense of his thesis, entitled "We Couldn't Even Pass a Resolution Strongly Condemning Something: Decision-Making and Procedural Injustice at Rocky Flats." A special thank you to the graduate students who attended Travis' defense. And an extra special thank you to Pat Mahoney and Craig Trumbo (Journalism and Media Communication), who served on Travis' committee and offered him much feedback and assistance along the way. Excellent job, Travis! – Stephanie Malin

I’m very pleased to let you know that Yan Shan has passed her Social Change Exam and successfully defended her dissertation proposal, entitled “How to Bring the University into China’s Agricultural Extension System?” Her committee members are Pete Taylor, Michael Carolan, KuoRay Mao, Lou Swanson and Perry Cabot (both Extension). Please join me in congratulating Yan for these significant accomplishments! – Pete Taylor (chair: Laura Raynolds, members: Pat Mahoney and Josh Sbicca)

I am so pleased to share that Jennifer Tobin successfully defended her doctoral dissertation, “Educational Continuity Following the 2013 Colorado Floods: A Case Study of Lyons Elementary and Middle/Senior High Schools.” In this dissertation, Jennifer offers a novel framework for understanding how and why Lyons was able to keep their school district together after a catastrophic flooding event, and what the ramifications of this process were for the students, teachers, and broader community. This was a wonderful dissertation, and I hope you will join me in congratulating her. Also, lots of gratitude to Jennifer’s committee members: Lynn Hempel, Kate Browne, and Laurie Carlson at CSU and Robin Cox at Royal Roads University. – Lori Peek

Please join me in congratulating Robert (RJ) Tuttle who successfully defended his M.A. thesis, “Dangerous Politics? An Analysis of the Relationship Between Political Affiliation and Assaults on Police Officers in American Counties.” Other members of RJ's Thesis Committee are KuoRay Mao and Marni Berg (Political Science). – Prabha Unnithan


On The Market

James Hale has returned to Colorado and is searching for a tenure track position. Please take a look at his On The Market profile here, and let him know of any positions that might be a good fit.

And, please tell other recent graduates about this section our new website.

News From Research Centers & Teams

On Campus & Beyond

Faculty Happenings

Awards & Honors

Stephanie Malin was granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor effective July 1, 2018.

Laura Raynolds accepted Rural Sociological Society's 2018 Excellence in Research Award. Read more here.

Pat Hastings' “Income Inequality and Household Labor” (co-authored with Daniel Schneider and published in Social Forces 2017) received the American Sociological Association (ASA) Family Section Article of the Year. Read more here. The study also won a Sociology Open Access Recognition Award, SocArXiv. Read more here.

Jeni Cross was selected to join International WELL Building Institute's WELL Community advisory. Read more here.

The Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab team invited Tara Opsal to join the Colorado Applied Research and Action Network (CARAN). Read more here.

Pat Hastings won the 2018 Tobin Project Prize for Exemplary Work on Inequality and Decision Making. Read more here.

Semester at Sea selected Pat Mahoney as a Global Teaching Scholar for their Fall 2020 voyage. Read more here.

Books & Events

Food Justice Now!

Josh Sbicca released a new book this summer. Read more here about the book and its sections published by Utne Reader, and about Josh's launch party, SoGES author talk, interview with Food Sleuth Radio, blog post for University of Minnesota, and book talk at Tarleton State University.

Josh's and Michael's new books are featured here on Food Tank’s Fall 2018 Reading List.

The Measurement of Association

Ken Berry, Janis E. Johnston (Ph.D. graduate), and their colleague just released this textbook. Read more here

The Food Sharing Revolution

Michael Carolan and his family launched his latest book in Brisbane, Australia in early December. Read more here about the book and Michael's upcoming podcast and radio interviews. 

Expert Features

Jeni Cross was featured in RE.THINK's "Commentary: Changing behaviour to improve sustainability." Read it here.

Stephanie Malin did an "Ask an Expert" TEDx podcast for The Endocrine Disruption Exchange. Read more about her episode "What social stressors exist in communities impacted by fracking?" and listen here.


In May, The Conversation published Stephanie Malin's “How weakened US fossil fuel regulations threaten environmental justice in Colorado." Read the article here.

Laura Raynolds published “Fairtrade Certification, Labor Standards, and Labor Rights: Comparative Innovations and Persistent Challenges” in Sociology of Development this summer. Read more here.

Elena Windsong published "Neighborhood Activities and Motherhood: Gendering the Systemic Model of Community" in Social Science Journal in August. Read more here.

Pat Hastings published “Less Equal, Less Trusting? Reexamining Longitudinal and Cross-sectional Effects of Income Inequality on Trust in U.S. States, 1973–2012." in Social Science Research in August. Read more here.

Laura Raynolds and colleagues Jennifer Keahey, Sandra Kruger, and Andries du Toit published “Participatory Commodity Networking: An Integrated Framework for Fair Trade Research and Support” in Action Research in August. Read more here.

Jessie Luna published “The chain of exploitation: intersectional inequalities, capital accumulation, and resistance in Burkina Faso’s cotton sector” in The Journal of Peasant Studies this September. Read more here.

Jebadiha E. Potterf had a chapter published in the edited volume More on Legalizing Marijuana: Ongoing Shifts in American Politics, which is second in a series on the topic. His chapter, "A Brief History of Anti-Substance Use Advertising in the US," explores anti-substance use campaigns in the U.S. from the mid-1800s (early pushes for alcohol prohibition) through the present. Read about the book here.

Stephanie Malin and Adam Mayer (former Ph.D. student) then published "Keep it local? Preferences for federal, state, or local unconventional oil and gas regulations" in Energy Research & Social Science in October. Read more here.

Laura Raynolds and Nefratiri Weeks published “Fairtrade Certification in Latin America: Challenges and Prospects for Fostering Development" as part of the edited volume Routledge Handbook of Latin American Development. Read more about the book here.

Stephanie Malin and Kelsea MacIlroy published "Like Oil and Water in the American West: Water Market Access amid Unconventional Oil Production in Colorado" in Rural Sociology in November. Read more here.

Tara Opsal and Rebecca Eman (M.A. graduate) published "Invisible vulnerability: Participant perceptions of a campus-based program for students without caregivers" in Children and Youth Services Review in November. Read more here. They conducted their research during the Fostering Success Program described here.

Jebadiha E. Potterf and Jason Pohl (M.A. graduate) were published by the Journal of  Contemporary Criminal Justice in November. See "A Black Teen, a White Cop, and a City in Turmoil: Analyzing Newspaper Reports on Ferguson, Missouri and the Death of Michael Brown" here.

Stephanie Malin and colleagues at other universities will publish "Embodied energy injustices: Unveiling and politicizing the transboundary harms of fossil fuel extractivism and fossil fuel supply chains" in Energy Research & Social Science in February 2019. Read more here.

Pete Taylor, Kelsea MacIlroy and colleagues' article, "Every ditch is different: Barriers and opportunities for collaboration for agricultural water conservation and security in the Colorado River Basin” has been accepted and is now “Forthcoming” in the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation.

Publications Picked Up By Mainstream Media

Pat Hastings and colleagues Daniel Schneider and Joe LaBriola (both University of California-Berkeley) published “Income Inequality and Class Divides in Parental Investment” in American Sociological Review. Read more here. This study has since been the subject of several articles, including U.S. News and World Report here, Coloradoan here, Institute for Family Studies here, Education Drive here, Chalkbeat here, CSU Source here, and ASA here. The study also earned Pat and his colleagues The Tobin Project's 2018 Prize for Exemplary Work on Inequality and Decision Making. Read more here.

And, as Election Day approached...

Stephanie Malin, Peter Hall, and Tara Opsal published "The Right to Resist or a Case of Injustice? Meta-Power in the Oil and Gas Fields" in Social Forces in September. Read more here. This article was then covered in national news outlets, including a Mountain West News article here and a Think Progress article here, for example.

In September, The Conversation published Stephanie Malin and Tara Opsal's "Don’t frack so close to me: Colorado voters will weigh in on drilling distances from homes and schools." Read more here. This article also received national coverage and re-prints, including U.S. News and World Report's article here and EcoWatch's here.

The Conversation asked Stephanie Malin and Tara Opsal to write a follow up article post-election. Read "Coloradans reject restrictions on drilling distances from homes and schools" here. Their article was re-distributed by a variety of media sources, including Salon here and Flipboard here.

Presentations Near & Far

Michael Carolan, Jeni Cross, Lynn Hempel, KuoRay Mao, Lou Swanson, and Pete Taylor traveled to China in June for “The Revitalization and Technological Transformations of Rural Communities: Agricultural Extension, Rural Development, and Agrarian Change in the Developing World.” (top photo) Read more here about this international conference CSU Sociology co-organized.

Stephanie Malin presented a lunch keynote to the Department of Energy's Office of Legacy Management for their annual Long-Term Stewardship Conference held in August in Grand Junction. Her presentation was titled: "Booms, Busts, and Injustice:Legacies of Colorado's Uranium Mining Industry & Contemporary Environmental Inequity." Read more about the organization here.

Michael Carolan was a panelist for "Sustainably Feeding People for Generations: A Focus on Supporting our Communities" at Seattle Fish Company's The One Hundred Years More: Sustainability & Thought Leadership Symposium held in Denver in August.

Michael Carolan was a panelist for "The multiple dimensions of food consumption: diets, politics and governance" during the Agriculture and Food in an Urbanizing Society conference. (second photo) The event is in its third year and was held in Brazil in September. Over 80 countries, most from the Global South, were represented by 1,500 participants ranging from peasant activists, government and ministry officials, representatives from the UN and FAO, officials from major international NGOs, scholars, farmers, policy makers, students, and more. The program is available here.

Jeni Cross presented “Multi-Level Social Systems and Social Change” during the “Social Innovation and Social Impact” session of NSF's National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) Accelerating Engineering Research Center Preparedness Workshop held in Virginia in October. The NSF is forming new Engineering Research Centers focused on solving convergent problems that address challenges with significant societal impact. Read more about SESNYC here.

Michael Carolan was invited to give the keynote address at Kyoto University's International Symposium "Food & Sustainability" held in Japan in October. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and Kyoto City partnered with the university.

CSU’s Office of Engagement asked Lynn Hempel to present “Social Sustainability: A Process-Based Model” during the administrative update session of the 2018 Extension Forum held in November at the Lory Student Center. (third photo) Over 190 CSU Extension employees from all over Colorado join their on-campus colleagues for this annual event.

Jeff Nowacki presented "Police Recruitment & Selection: Organizational and Social Predictors of Hiring Minority Applicants" (co-authored by Joe Schafer and Julie Hibdon of Southern Illinois University) at the American Society of Criminology Conference held in Atlanta in November. Jeff also served as the chair of the panel, "Police Organizational Issues: Recruitment, Equipment and Safety." (lower photo) The program is available here.

In December, Stephanie Malin presented on social stressors related to hydraulic fracturing at the League of Oil and Gas Impacted Communities (LOGIC's) Citizen's Science and Policy Summit on Oil and Gas. Her presentation was titled: "Oil, Gas, And Environmental Justice in Colorado: Evidence for Diminished Quality of Life." Read more about LOGIC here.

Hempel, Carolan, Cross, Taylor
Carolan at conference
Hempel presenting at Forum
Nowacki in group

Updates from Alumni & Donors

Kacie Couch

Kacie graduated in May 2018 from CSU with a concentration in Environmental Sociology and a double-minor in Business Administration and Global Environmental Sustainability. She was accepted to multiple graduate programs and decided to study law at William & Mary. Here she is pictured in front of the nation's oldest law school building.

Becca Eman headshot

Becca Eman

"After defending my thesis in December 2016, I began working for the State of Colorado’s Division of Youth Services (DYS) in April 2017. I am employed as a Data Analyst and I now work in the Data Management and Analysis unit. DYS takes great pride in making data driven decisions. My two years as a graduate student with the Department of Sociology at CSU provided me with the necessary training and tools that continuously help me to succeed at my job."

Jamie Orcutt

Jamie is a 1999 graduate of the College of Liberal Arts, where he majored in Sociology and minored in Political Science. He is a Vice President and Lead Attorney at CoBank, ACB, in Greenwood Village, Colorado, where he leads a team of attorneys and other legal professionals that documents and collateralizes CoBank’s agribusiness loans across the country. 

Corey Wrenn headshot

Corey Wrenn

"I received my Ph.D. in Sociology with CSU in 2016. Following graduation, I served as Director of Gender Studies with Monmouth University, a teaching school on the Jersey Shore. I've just been hired to as Lecturer of Sociology with the Department of School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research at the University of Kent."

Additional Alumni Spotlights and Opportunities Coming Soon

Sociology re-connected with alumni this fall by emailing a newsletter that is now posted here on our website. We've enjoyed receiving several replies from alumni and are following up with them for spotlights and opportunities for involvement.

Making Meaningful Connections On Campus & Beyond

Pete Taylor crossed paths with an interesting donor at this fall's CLA Donor Brunch. Mr. and Mrs. Ted and Faustine Settle had recently read an interview about a Sociology junior hoping to pursue a career in global security. Mr. Settle has a colleague at the Department of Homeland Security and asked Pete to put him in touch with the student. Sara Gill and Matt VanderMeulen helped Pete connect the student with Mr. Settle and his contact.


From a Scholarship Recipient

“The Sociology Alumni Scholarship is more than just a scholarship. This is a door opening into a world of opportunities after so many doors have been closed on me. I am a first generation, undocumented student and my journey to get to CSU has been anything but easy. I am extremely thankful to be a recipient of the Sociology Alumni Scholarship. It is through this scholarship support that I am able to achieve my dream of a College degree.” – Karen, a senior double majoring in Sociology and Ethnic Studies

CLA Development's Fall 2018 print, e-mail and digital campaign urges donors to support more talented Sociology students, like Karen, and make their gift to a Department of Sociology scholarship. 

On A Lighter Note

Taylor Birthday Dinner

Pete Taylor

Pete was at a conference in China on his birthday, and his hosts served him the traditional birthday dish of long noodles representing long life. (Michael Carolan, thank you for capturing this moment!) Although nothing can replace Betty’s birthday cakes, here is a noodle recipe for your next special day. Cheers!

Jeb's baby

Reed Potterf

Jeb and Samantha welcomed their son to the world June 14 at 7:49 a.m. He was 6lb 5oz, 19.5" long. Reed's spelling honors his maternal grandmother's maiden name. Emily Haire's partner Rebecca made him this sweet hat. Six months later, he likes looking at shadows and loves chewing on his hands and feet. 
Leia the dog

Leia Greife Sociology

Once upon a time Leia belonged to Matt Greife. Then she started taking interstate car rides all the way to campus, and there’s a good chance she now belongs to our main office. Watch out Cam, we may have a new mascot here in Sociology!

Sneha's baby

Rana Kayden

Sneha and Rahul welcomed their son to the world August 23. "The entire birth journey was made possible by the warmth and ample support we received from the department throughout my pregnancy. We thank each one of you for being there for us in bringing our baby into this world," say Sneha and Rahul. 

Pat running

Pat Hastings

The word on the street (trail) is that Pat Hastings ran a road marathon, a mountain 100k, and a mountain 100 miler this past year. This anonymous claim is supported by evidence found in Pat's Twitter background photo. "He is an amazing ultra trail runner!" says his fan club. 

Sociology: Because Life Is A Team Sport

–Lynn Hempel

News To Follow This Spring

Jeni Cross: receiving a CLA Excellence in Teaching Award

India Luxton: traveling over winter break to Costa Rica on an education abroad grant

Prabha Unnithan: incoming president of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS)

Sociology's admission numbers for Fall 2019: continuing to rise!

Sociology's social media: coming soon on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Save The Date

Headshot opportunity: Wednesday, February 6 at 11:45 a.m. (professional yet casual setting TBD)

Sociology-in-Progress Colloquium with Dr. Alida V. Merlo: Friday, March 4 from 12-1:30 p.m.

Sociology-in-Progress Colloquium with Dr. Carole Gibbs: Friday, April 12 from 12-1:30 p.m.

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