The Food Sharing Revolution:How Start-Ups, Pop-Ups, and Co-Ops are Changing the Way We Eat was just released by Michael Carolan.

The key to successful sharing, he shows, is actually sharing. He warns that food, just like taxis or hotels, can be co-opted by moneyed interests. But when collaboration is genuine, the sharing economy can offer both producers and eaters freedom, even sovereignty. The result is a healthier, more sustainable, and more ethical way to eat. – Island Press

Podcast and Radio Interviews

Harry Rosenblum has invited Carolan to be on his podcast show “Feast Yr Ears” December 17  at 10 a.m. MT. Feast Yr Ears explores food through the lens of story. Every week, Harry chats with guests inside and outside the food spectrum about how experience has shaped what they eat and what they cook. Listen as he explores the relationship between food and the human experience.

Later that day from 12-1 p.m. MT, Carolan will be interviewed by WORT-FM’s “A Public Affair” to discuss The Food Sharing Revolution.

Food Tank’s Fall 2018 Reading List features Carolan’s new book.