Jessica Gutierrez is a senior General SOC major with a minor in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies. In spring 2020, she presented her research poster, “Representative Leadership for Students of Color” at CSU’s annual Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity (CURC) juried showcase.

Her research was initially sparked by her friends’ reluctance to join her in leadership positions that represent CSU. As time went on Jessica saw a trend in hesitations to even apply for positions, and she began to look for hidden barriers. “Helping students of color feel a sense of community is a contributor to leadership participation,” she says. Hear more from her in the interactive version of her poster.

“Jessica provides important insights into the dynamics of oppression. She excels at connecting her own experiences and passion to broader sociological concepts,” says Elena Windsong who recently had Jessica in SOC334 – Sociology of Intersectionality. “Jessica brings a unique sociological insight and intersectionality into advocating for a more inclusive social world.”

Jessica is also a member of CSU’s Presidential Leadership Program that supports the next generation of leaders and positive changemakers.

For the past 25 years, undergraduates from disciplines across campus have entered CSU’s annual CURC juried showcase to demonstrate what they have learned through their scholarly research, scientific inquiry, and/or creative endeavors. Held virtually this year, CURC had 226 poster submissions from 330 students, and Ph.D. student Carolina Banuelos was a judge.