Michael Carolan published “COVID-19’s Impact on Gendered Household Food Practices: Eating and Feeding as Expressions of Competencies, Moralities, and Mobilities” in The Sociological Quarterly on January 21, 2021.

This article is based on research conducted in Colorado in late-2019 and again post-COVID outbreak, from April through May of 2020. In addition to (virtual) face-to-face interviews, the study used a GPS tracking app to map respondents’ macromobilities – trips from one GPS coordinate to another. The data presented are informed by practice theory. The paper’s findings focus on the themes of competencies, moralities, and mobilities. Gender proved a particularly significant variable for disentangling the diversity and contingency involved in the social effects of the pandemic, while also stressing the continuities of practice for some, and disruptions for others.