Dr. Jeni Cross  has been chosen for the 2018-2019 College of Liberal Arts Excellence in Teaching Award – Tenured Faculty. She was officially recognized at Spring 2019 All-College Awards & Reception held in the LSC Ballroom April 24, 2019.

Many thanks to Dr. Mike Hogan, Hannah Love, and Dr. Josh Sbicca for nominating Dr. Cross.

Excerpts from the “unsolicited student comments” section of her nomination packet…

“Thank you for being an educator who always cared and fought for her students to understand the bigger picture, show compassion and find their own way. You’ve truly impacted my life in more ways than you will ever know.” – Leslie (and her young son) via Facebook

“The independent study I completed with you years ago continues to be the most important and valuable learning experience I have had in my undergraduate and graduate education.” – Bo via email

“The truth is that when I wrote my final evaluation of SOC331, I considered this project a waste and told Dr. Cross that I thought so. Now I know that it was one of the most beneficial experiences of my college career.” – Lindsay via a letter she wrote one year after graduation to Jeni’s future students; the letter helped inspired the Capstone Course study and expand it from 3 credits to 4 in order to facilitate the group interaction necessary for a successful group research project

 “I really enjoyed your class and its challenges to my beliefs. I don’t always welcome such challenges but am usually grateful for them in the long run. Thanks for your great teaching and getting people to think.” – Theresa via a letter

Dr. Cross’s dedication to helping each student advance along their own path, finding balance between surface learning and deep learning, and constantly adjusting her courses based on feedback and formal evaluation are just a few aspects of her unique teaching philosophy. “I care deeply about my students and quality teaching and it feels good to be recognized,” she says.

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